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• Includes the transformation of manufacturing companies from traditional to inbound marketing.
Mar 21, 2022 – Abu Dhabi, UAE – LIWA Media Group, one of the leading 360 marketing agencies focusing on Brand and Reputation Management, Inbound Marketing, Video Production, and  PR communications in the UAE, released an all-inclusive guide on the inbound marketing trends of manufacturing companies titled “ The Ultimate Guide to the Rise of  Inbound Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Companies in 2022”. The company is specialized in providing marketing services to manufacturing industriesand other companies as well.

Dr. Iitimad Elmrani, CEO of LIWA Media Group, stressed the importance of the guide for manufacturers during the launch. Dr. Elmrani said, “The previous two years have been game-changing for digitalisation as a whole. Digital marketing services in particular has undergone a rapid transformation as buying pattern and cycles of customers changed rapidly. Industrialists all over should pay heed to adopting latest strategies lest they risk falling behind in a volatile market.”
Diverted from the traditional marketing procedures, manufacturing companies in UAE are transforming into the inbound marketing trends. As the evolution is new, the strategies can be new to the manufacturers. The guide is an extensive resource on the market trends and encompasses how to strengthen the sales funnel through effective inbound marketing strategies. It emphasizes definitions, strategy, process, and ways to explore the marketing strategies to strengthen the sales funnel.
The guide is published digitally on the website of LIWA Media and can be accessed free of cost.
About Liwa Media Group
LIWA Media is one of the leading Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, PR, Brand, and Reputation management agencies in UAE located in Abu Dhabi. The company is specialized in providing marketing services to manufacturing industries. With over a decade of industrial experience, they offer extensive services in Inbound Marketing, Brand and Reputation Management, Video Production, and Consultancy services.
Media Contact
Company Name: Liwa Media Group
Contact Person: Dr. Iitimad Elmrani
Email: Send Email
Phone: +971 2 551 6126
City: Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirates

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