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November 29, 2022 | From City of New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS — Mayor's Office of Communications Director Gregory Joseph today issued the following statement:
“Today’s City Council actions created more division, downplayed violence and intimidation towards government employees and failed to produce a clear and objective hearing which denied the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) Administration and Board of Commissioners the right to present the facts to the public. It was an unprofessional and unfair process and an attempt by the City Council to ignore the serious concerns raised by HANO, its employees and the Board itself.   
Violence, intimidation and threats of any capacity, at any level, will not be tolerated by this administration and should not be ignored by the City Council just to score political points, especially when it is our government agency employees – those tirelessly and relentlessly working on behalf of the people of the City every single day – feeling berated and harassed. In order to truly move our city forward and continue to support affordable housing opportunities, we need individuals who are willing to come to the table and work together, not act in a divisive and disrespectful manner. 
These disreputable antics have completely overshadowed the true mission and purpose of this agency, which is a direct insult to the dedicated residents of this great city who depend on HANO daily for affordable housing opportunities. More importantly, this ruling undoubtedly impacts our people who are in dire need of housing assistance, as evidenced by the 17,000+ residents who this administration helped remain in their homes throughout the ongoing pandemic.   
The Cantrell Administration remains committed to working in collaboration with HANO to successfully create even more affordable housing opportunities throughout the city. We look forward to continuing this partnership that provides us with an opportunity to strengthen relationships and communication between the HANO Board, the Authority’s administration and the residents of New Orleans, with guidance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development." 
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