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The Middle Feast at Fisherman’s Wharf as seen on the Great Food Truck Race, Season 13. Photo courtesy Food Network
Before the Avengers were talking about Shawarma, Middle Feast brought its Middle Eastern fusion flavors to the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. While the popular food truck won Season 5 of the culinary competition, the team has returned to The Great Food Truck Race All Stars season.
Recently, Middle Feast spoke to FoodSided about their experience on The Great Food Truck Race All Stars season, its food philosophy and why they wanted to return to the Food Network competition.
For many food trucks, the Food Network competition is more than just earning a title. The exposure, the knowledge and the opportunity are a once in a lifetime opportunity. When given a second chance, few food trucks would pass it over.
For Middle Feast, they said, “The Great Food Truck Race is an awesome and unique experience. It’s a combination of emotions and stress and the adrenaline levels are definitely high! It’s a fun way to promote our business.”

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Looking at the variety of food trucks in this All Star season, Middle Feast stands out with its choice to serve Middle Eastern food, with a touch of fusion. Although people are a little more familiar with the dishes, there can be a few scenarios that can assist in the team’s success.
They believe that “in the Bay Area where people are foodies” is a good locale for them. Where people “are open to try different stuff,” it can lead to bigger sales and success.
Even though more people are familiar with the dishes and flavors, there are times when there needs to be an explanation with the menus. Whether the food is labeled fusion or just layers of flavor, the truth is that people want to take that first bite and usually come back for more.

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Middle Feast said, “More and more people are now familiar with Middle Eastern food and are curious about the blend of different styles into our dishes. Explaining Middle Eastern food has always been easy because the dishes sound so good when you break down the ingredients to explain a dish to customer and the way we prepare it.”
Whether or not this team is crowned winner of The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Season is not the end goal. Returning to the competition will help them continue to grow and thrive.
As Middle Feast said, “The Great Food Truck Race gave us the opportunity to open our own business and since then we have been thriving. The exposure and all of Tyler’s tips to succeed work! People recognize our trucks from the show and we are grateful for that!”
Catch up and see how Middle Feast fares on The Great Food Truck Race All Stars season. New episodes air Sundays at 9 p.m. EST and are available to be streamed on Discovery+.
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