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Moburst, a leading digital full-service, mobile-first marketing agency that helps companies to scale and become category leaders, is proud to announce that it has won the Effective Video Campaign award at the prestigious Effective Digital Marketing Awards.
TEL AVIV, Israel, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Moburst, a leading digital full-service, a mobile-first marketing agency that helps companies to scale and become category leaders, is proud to announce that it has won the Effective Video Campaign award at the prestigious Effective Digital Marketing Awards, a global awards program that recognizes digital talent, creative impact, and measurable results across the marketing industry. The campaign was also shortlisted as a finalist in 8 other categories for its work with New-Meat pioneer, Redefine Meat.
"We are super excited by this recognition of the Effective Digital Marketing Awards," said Gilad Bechar, the CEO & Founder of Moburst. "Our relationship with Redefine Meat is extremely deep and we really appreciate their trust in our strategy, concepts, and execution for helping them build their global brand. The vision of Redefine Meat inspires us every day and their brilliant team is a pleasure to work with. We genuinely enjoy redefining the New-Meat industry and helping position Redefine Meat as the Category Leader."
Redefine Meat hired Moburst to generate brand awareness and build a dedicated customer base in each of the 4 countries: Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. Throughout the campaign, Moburst was a part of building the digital assets and promoting them to create brand awareness across Redefine Meat's innovative products and generate tens of millions of views on social media.
"To truly redefine the industry, we needed an equally ambitious campaign and strong digital footprint to reach restauranteurs and culinary leaders," says Adam Lahav, CBO & Co-founder of Redefine Meat. It's great to see the hard work of the team over these past years be recognized with this award."
The finalists were selected by independent global judges comprised collectively of renowned senior brand and agency professionals from around the world. The entries were first pre-screened by all judges and then finalists were chosen collectively by the judges, who evaluated thousands of entries based on clear strategic thinking, creativity and innovation, and tangible results and outcomes.
About Moburst
Moburst is a digital full-service, a mobile-first marketing agency that helps companies to scale and become category leaders. We love solving the clients' tough digital challenges and firmly believe that creative thinking, advanced technology, and data, are the main drivers of success at scale. Our job is to offer creative solutions that connect brands with highly targeted audiences that convert into high-value long-term users.
Moburst has offices in New York City, Tel-Aviv, and San Francisco.
To learn more, visit or contact us at
About Redefine Meat
At Redefine Meat™, we love meat. Really, really love meat.
We believe that the world deserves New-Meat™, plant-based meat, that's not only good for the environment but is also kind to animals. Having studied animal meat's unique components, and perfected cutting-edge technologies, Redefine Meat provides a wide range of high-quality products that are just as delicious as the meat you already know and love. New-Meat™ delivers an uncompromised and extraordinary culinary experience with its taste, texture, and aroma.
Using a range of proprietary and patented technologies and working closely with global chefs and meat experts, Redefine Meat has developed a category-defining New-Meat™ product portfolio that spans minced meat products and whole muscle cuts that offer the same flavor, taste, and texture as animal meat. These products are now commercially available within food services in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel.
Redefine Meat™ is headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, and has over 200 employees.
For more information, please visit
Media Contact
Aron Schoenfeld, Moburst, 5168504669,
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