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Tuesday, 24 January
6h ago
Following a much-talked-about and controversial episode of reality TV show Isencane Legane, Moja Love (DStv 157) has spoken out about its stance towards gender-based violence.

“As a channel, we take violence of any sort seriously, and we do not condone nor support gender-based violence in any way,” Moja Love’s head of channel, Bokani Moyo said in a press statement. “It was important to air this episode of Isencane Lengane as it is our social responsibility to educate our audiences and mirror what [is] happening in our communities.”

“Cancelling the show is not the solution, but let’s rather open a platform to discuss issues that are eating away the moral fibre of our society.”

Moyo’s remarks came after the show, and channel, came under scrutiny following the episode, which aired on Sunday.
In the episode, Thando Dlamuka and her husband, Siyacela, engaged in a heated argument, which led to him being violent toward her. During their conversation after the physical altercation, which was filmed, Siyacela slammed her phone onto the floor.
Moja Love needs to cut Isencane Lengane. Siyacela cannot continue to gain financially from this show and the views the show gets from us. They cannot reward this behaviour. I hope Thando finds the strength to leave him.
There’s something wrong with everyone who thinks Isencane Lengane is entertainment. Everyone who is taking part should really be ashamed of themselves for being enablers!!
“Moja Love intervened as the incident was happening,” the statement continued. “It is important to point out that the Moja Love crew arrived during the altercation between Siyacela and Thando, and police were called in. The crew was not allowed to film this.”

The statement added:

Later in the episode, the couple met when Thando wanted to collect their son’s SASSA card. During the conversation, she told Siyacela she could not be with a man who hit her.

“Moja Love prides itself on producing content that reflects the reality in our society, including social ills, and as such, could not sweep the gender-based violence incident between Thando and Siyacela under the carpet,” the statement continued. “In a country burdened by gender-based violence and femicide, Moja Love has a responsibility to reflect and show the extent of this pandemic.”
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