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Cremorne, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Mooning is an industry-leading Web3 digital marketing agency based in Victoria, Australia. Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies who provide services such as search engine optimization or pay per click advertising; their focus is on the next stage of the internet’s evolution. This evolution includes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse.
Today, Mooning NFT Agency are delighted to announce that they’ve expanded their NFT marketing, creation and promotion services for clients worldwide. With a history of success in this space, Mooning believes that a surge in public awareness and consumption of NFTs, alongside a number of high-profile brands and notable individuals advocating their use, has opened the doors for brands to capitalize on this profitable and rapidly rising marketplace.
In 2021, NFT transactions jumped by 21,350% and netted more than $17 billion in sales, compared to $82.5 million in 2020. Mooning’s service expansion is a direct response to the vast, quick-paced industry growth. Working with brands, businesses and individuals, the agency has achieved monumental success in this space through consultancy, campaign conceptualization, community management, sourcing and engaging NFT creators, minting, listing, selling and more.
Below, we outline the expanded NFT marketing, creation and promotion services from Mooning:
NFT project consulting – a new way to identify the opportunities around NFTs and gain expert advice on how to create, list, market and sell
Mooning’s NFT project consulting services cater for both newcomers and seasoned-professionals. With a team of NFT specialists and a vast digital network of industry-connections and integrated platforms, Mooning help their clients create attention grabbing campaigns that stand out in the market and engage target audiences.
The service starts with a detailed discovery session, which is designed to identify the clients understanding of NFTs, to pinpoint campaign objectives, and decipher target markets. Based on these learnings, Mooning create a dynamic campaign designed to capture the attention of the target audience and elevate the value of the clients brand.
As part of the consultancy, Mooning upskill clients and their teams on the NFT industry, and help interested parties understand how NFTs can form part of their business operations. This includes an in-depth report and proposed project considerations to get started.
More information on Mooning’s NFT project consultancy services can be found via their website.
NFT community management – creating a community of interested individuals so that when your NFTs are listed, an audience of buyers are waiting
Key to the success of Mooning’s NFT campaigns is their ability to create communities of brand and digital product advocates. Their NFT community management services cater for established brands who already have engaged audience, and brands that don’t.
Building communities through social media platforms, their aim Is to nurture and engage target audiences, strengthening their ties to the clients brand. Through creating a strong community who are waiting for NFTs to become available, brands are better placed to sell NFTs and find success within the industry.
Mooning’s social media experts make your community the heart of your NFT strategy. Before your digital products become available, they build an audience of potential buyers. Once your NFTs are ready to sell, your community become the buyers, as well as future buyers, of further NFTs.
More information on Mooning’s NFT community management services can be found via their website.
More Information
Mooning are a leading Web3 digital marketing agency based in Australia. They provide brands with a wide range of professional services in the fast-evolving world of NFTs, the metaverse and all other areas of this digital revolution. With a team of specialists and a vast digital network, they are at the forefront oft this evolution, helping brands to bring their NFT ambitions to life and hit the metaverse ground running:


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