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News UK creates new lead roles within its Manchester commercial team following 2022 success
Emma Thompson becomes Head of Trading and Ollie Scull steps up to Head of Content Solutions for the regions 
Following an exceptional year of growth, News UK is restructuring its Manchester-based commercial team with the creation of two new lead roles. Led by Liz Perkins, Commercial Director for the regions, Scotland and Ireland, the changes aim to build on News UK’s successful work with key clients including Co-op Insurance, Sky Bet, Pokerstars, Thomas Sanderson and Jet2. 
Emma Thompson takes on the Head of Trading role, leading the business with both agency and direct clients across The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun, for digital and print. Emma’s experience in the media industry spans 22 years, focused on sales for news brands, with some time spent on the agency side and within digital marketing.
Ollie Scull will be the Head of Content Solutions for the regions, leading its creative team in both proactive and reactive solutions to clients’ multi-channel and multi-platform briefs across The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. Ollie will also lead the business’ regional digital approach for developing new revenue streams. Ollie has over 25 years experience in the media industry encompassing digital and publishing. 
News UK has regional commercial teams in Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin, selling across The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun on all platforms. The regional teams are linked to, and are aligned with the brand strategies of its London head office, while flexing with the nuances and opportunities in each different marketplace. 
Liz Perkins, Commercial Director – Regions, Scotland and Ireland, at News UK, said: ”By introducing two lead roles we can be hyper-focused on our clients’ needs, along with the development of our talent. Our newsbrands have massive reach across the country and with a strong, market-leading team in the regions I want to ensure we remain focused on providing our clients with innovative ideas to help them gain further ROI. Internally, we want to diversify our revenue streams through digital growth and through maximising our trading deals.”
Looking to the future, the team has great plans to make more noise in the market by hosting industry events that inform, educate and entertain. 
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