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In order to understand the communication trends of the future, in some cases, one can try to take a close look at what we have before our eyes right now, trying to catch a glimpse of the embryonic ghost of what tomorrow’s communication will be, especially on social media, which continue to evolve and change at the speed of light.
It is inevitable that companies will devote themselves body and soul to careful observations, in-depth examinations regarding the use of the web and social media, because what will happen in the short and medium term will affect them personally. The basis for a prosperous and relaxed future, in a sense, is closely linked to the ability to read the present and effectively lay the foundation for the future, thus extending the life of the company and enabling it to enter its new stages of development in excellent health.
What content will be most successful, thirty or forty years from now? To answer this question, there is no need to rely on shamans or fortune-tellers, or even on the many communication gurus who haunt the web, but just take a close look at the data that illustrate the use of the web and social media by certain segments of the population.
Wanting to do even more in-depth research, brands could start by keeping an eye on the behaviors and usage habits of nations with a much lower average age than the others, and where young people represent the largest segment of the entire population. One of these is undoubtedly Nigeria, a nation where the average age of the population is just over 18, and which can boast more than 100 million active Internet users in early 2022 (according to a study conducted by Kepios).
The most interesting data, however, is not about internet usage, or the total number of people connected from Nigeria, but everything to do with social media and the preferences for it expressed by the Nigerian population. By far the most used social network in Nigeria, at 2022 usage, was YouTube, with an impressive 32 million active users. Second was Facebook, with just over 26 million users, while the total number of active users on Instagram failed to reach 10 million.
The fact that a nation as young, as youthful as Nigeria has expressed a clear preference for YouTube, the social media in which video is the one and only ruler, should push brands and companies in a very specific direction, causing them to devote more resources and much more attention to the processing of video content, with a particular focus on corporate content.
Certain companies have already used a strong corporate video as the core of their communication campaign, tying every aspect of online and offline communication to the elements or even individual frames of the video, perhaps even employing them for out-of-home billboards. We are heading toward a future in which video will no longer be just a piece of content to be posted on social media, but the real beating heart of the online communication campaign, with all that that entails.
Already, the engagement rate of posts in which a video appears is significantly higher than all others, even those with images. It is no coincidence that certain companies have already decided to tell their stories through video, with short pills posted on Instagram or Twitter, or longer content appearing on LinkedIn or Facebook.
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