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Oxford University picks Brazil the winner: In less than a couple of days, the world will be opening up on what we know as the grandest footballing event on the face of the planet and it is called the FIFA World Cup. With the extravaganza almost upon us, the speculations about the possible winner are already blowing through the roof.
With all said and done, with all speculations being put to pen and paper, the latest addition to all of these equations included a numbered model that was created by Oxford University to predict the FIFA World Cup winner.
They started with the knock-out stages and picked the top eight through the means of complex calculations with a thread on why the winner was eventually being made Brazil. The thread about the World Cup from Oxford University also read, “The model simulated the group stages one million times and took the most common outcomes.”
The eight quarter-finalists that managed to make the cut on the numerical calculations were Netherlands, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, England, France, Belgium and Portugal. Argentina beat Netherlands to qualify for the finals while Brazil got the better of Spain.
France narrowly beat England to make it to the semis while Belgium just edged past Portugal by the skin of their teeth. Eventually in the clash of the arch-rivals in the semi-finals, Brazil won against Argentina while Belgium beat France. Eventually the numbers suggest that Brazil will be beating Belgium comprehensively in the final.
Now these were just numerical calculations that happened in the flash of an eye but when one takes the field, it is altogether a different ball game and these numbers won’t even stand a chance. No one knows what unfolds when the field catches fire and when the best takes the field. Twitter came ablaze with such a huge prediction, definitely with so many teams in the mix.
The reason I love football is because it is so unpredictable.. so images like this are garbage!
— Ben Green (@BenjaminGreeen) November 18, 2022

So no African team will go past the group stages
— Odala Balamu Banda (@Odalabalamu) November 18, 2022

Forbidden 403, algorithm doesn't work
— Spike (@spiikespiegl) November 18, 2022

Is weather in Qatar included to this prediction ? European players seem hardly to adaptation with hot atmosphere.
— أصبر (@MMafakhir) November 18, 2022

It’s a bit of a dumb model if it relies solely on world rankings…it’s like going to Cheltenham and only backing the favourites and I definitely know how that works out….!
— The PIPE Company OÜ 🇪🇪 🇺🇦 (@ThePIPEcompany) November 18, 2022

If you closely look at the current FIFA rankings and the last eight of this model, there's no surprise here, with the top two FIFA rankers pitted against each other in the finals with the no. 1 winning the world cup.
Plain probability on the basis of ranking I guess. pic.twitter.com/M01WjsyuEK
— Pahadi Scouser (@ynwa__97) November 18, 2022

I'll come back here when Wales make it out of the group stages 😉
— Iola (@InJDWeStan) November 18, 2022

The real news here is that Mexico makes it out of the group stage 😎
— Humberto J. Rocha (@hjrocha94) November 18, 2022

Garbage in, Garbage out?
— Paul Yu (@killno1991) November 18, 2022

Did it account for a sober fan scenario?
— JoGro (@Jogrojogro) November 18, 2022


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