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Welcome to the latest installment of OS Cribs! Last time, we took you all the way over to East to check out how the Class of 2019 decorated their dorms. Now that everyone has taken a few weeks to settle into their new digs, we thought we would show you one of the coziest apartments State College has to offer. To do so, we have to head to Beaver Hill Apartments on, you guessed it, Beaver Ave.
Beaver Hill is a classic college apartment. The apartments aren’t cesspools of disease, but they aren’t penthouses either. Each apartment in the building is basically a blank canvas. If you want to make it a man cave, go for it! Or, if you prefer the I-could-pack-this-place-up-in-ten-minutes-if-I-needed-too style, Beaver Hill’s blank walls and nondescript furniture are your best bet. But for Tori, Mariel, and Katie, their Beaver Hill apartment was an opportunity to make it feel like home. They really transformed their ordinary apartment into a cozy and pleasant place to live.
The apartment combines zen elements, like this tree wall art, with cozy furniture and throw pillows. It gives the whole place a very calming vibe. It seems like the perfect place to take a quick post-class nap.
With soft blankets and great smelling candles, the living room is just begging to have some friends over. It’s cute and perfect for the three residents who live there.
The soft glow of the string lights give the girls’ bedroom the perfect amount of light. Also, check out the lights hanging above Katie’s bottom bunk. How smart is that?! It’s like her own personal cave.
Overall, the bedroom has a nice quaint look. As cozy as the living room, the bedroom includes bunk beds and a separate single bed. The bunk beds open up a lot more space and there is plenty of floor space for the three girls. The single bed sports a Parisian tapestry, and lots of comfy blankets and pillows. This apartment is practically one giant, fluffy pillow!
Last we have the kitchen. Beaver Hill, like many State College apartments, doesn’t have a ton of built-in storage. So, the girls built their own standing pantry! Cute wall hangings and more decorations help to brighten up the whole room. Although Beaver Hill doesn’t offer their renters much room to work with, no on can deny Tori, Mariel, and Katie have definitely made the most of the apartment.
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is a junior English and Journalism major at Penn State. He loves spending way too much money on concerts and music festivals. Ben can usually be found walking around campus listening to Kanye West. A fun fact about him is he once was resuscitated from unconsciousness by Pusha T’s verse on the song “Mercy.” Feel free to contact him at [email protected] or follow him on twitter at @Benrappp.
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