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Intellitonic, a leading digital marketing agency and Certified B Corporation, today announced its induction into the Marketing and Advertising Global Network (MAGNET), an invite-only consortium of independent agency leaders. The honor comes during a period of growth for the Pacific Northwest-based Intellitonic, which is in the process of expanding internationally, opening its new location in Brisbane, Australia, later this year.
Intellitonic partners with businesses and other agencies to bring top-tier digital marketing services to a wide range of leading corporations, including Spikeball, Flora Health, and the Seattle Times. In fewer than five years, Intellitonic has worked with clients across business sectors to produce results that drive revenue, growth, and opportunities, from a 703% increase in ad click-through rate, to meeting a 90% occupancy goal, to keyword rankings that position the businesses above similar competitors.
“Being inducted into the MAGNET Global Network is such an incredible honor,” said Alex Bruner, co-founder of Intellitonic. “We now have the opportunity to both collaborate with and learn from incredible agencies and leaders that we’ve long admired. This invitation also validates something we’ve believed since our inception – that by giving back to your community you can feel great about the work you’re doing while also growing a successful business. We look forward to sharing our learnings and absorbing all the collective knowledge this group will bring.”
Unique in its approach, Intellitonic is a certified B Corporation and operates with a commitment to creating a more ethical and environmentally conscious world by helping nonprofits and other aligned organizations and businesses improve their online presence. By leveraging its digital marketing skills for good, Intellitonic gives back to the greater community and helps these organizations gain the awareness they need to meet their goals.
“MAGNET acts as a conduit for the best agencies in the world to share their expertise, network, collaborate on clients and succeed as a global group,” stated Melissa Lentz, CEO of MAGNET Global. “Intellitonic exemplifies all the qualities we look for in a partner agency; innovation, desire to share knowledge, and a commitment to excellence. We’re thrilled to welcome them to our network.”
MAGNET Global Network is a community of the world’s most successful, independent advertising and marketing agencies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. MAGNET member agencies enhance each other’s ability to serve clients and raise the standards of their work — all in an atmosphere of trust and respect.
For more information on Intellitonic, please visit, or to learn more about MAGNET, please see
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Intellitonic is a full-service international digital marketing firm with headquarters in Bellingham, Washington and soon-to-be Brisbane, Australia. As a Certified B Corporation, Intellitonic is dedicated to amplifying organizations who help make the world stronger, safer, and more sustainable. Leveraging industry-leading expertise in paid and organic search, paid social, and data-driven marketing, Intellitonic delivers visible, trackable results to clients across the U.S., Canada and Australia. Intellitonic is proud to be a MAGNET Global Network agency. To learn more, please visit
About MAGNET Global Network
Providing global experts and local expertise, MAGNET's independent marketing and communications agencies work with more than 800 consumers, retail, business-to-business and industrial clients worldwide. Members share experience, knowledge, and ideas with partner agencies domestically and internationally, collaborating on business opportunities and enhancing their ability to compete, serve clients, grow their businesses, and raise the standard of work in the advertising agency industry. Members must maintain a level of commitment to the Network, and new independent agencies are carefully screened before membership is granted. MAGNET is always seeking to add leading independent agencies throughout the world. For more information, visit or contact Melissa Lentz, CEO, at
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