Property Transfers Published March 26, 2022 – Richmond Times-Dispatch

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.
To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.
1417 Claremont Ave; Dorsey Nora Beth to Seeley Samantha And, $423,000.
1011 Crafton Lane; Bullwinkle Development Co Llc to Johnson Nikkia, $205,000.
1330 Darbytown Road; My Virginia Pad Llc to Graves James, $325,000.
3315 Delaware Ave; Carroll Stephen W to 2nd Chance Homes Llc, $175,000.
5507 Dorchester Road; Graham Martin and Annette to Bryant Kevin E And Kathryn P, $535,000.
3157 Ellwood Ave; 3157 Ellwood Avenue Llc to Holmes Melissa, $715,000.
10471 Epsilon Road; Lemle Noel A And Bren Sue to Lannon Sarah Elizabeth And, $305,000.
2505 Floyd Ave; Mones Pamela R and Richard A Trs to Lewis Susan R, $805,000.
207 W Franklin St; Brooks Franklin Street Limited to 207 West Franklin Street, $1,030,000.
5601 Germain Road; Martinez Diana Chinchilla to Quarles Chante Latryce, $190,000.
1812 Gordon Ave; Little Salan to Jenkins Tracy Denise, $175,000.
1606 W Grace St; Leibowitz Sandra to Burton Charles M And Caroline S, $649,500.
4530 W Grace St; Thamm Colleen to Schumacher Joseph Richard And, $762,000.
4703 Grandway Road; Ryan Harry C and Martha W to Cossitt Mary C, $827,000.
1025 Greystone Ave; 776 Ridge Llc to Kong James Yoong And, $225,000.
2115 Grove Ave; Little Scott And Abbe to Byrd Kenneth James, $665,000.
2105 Halifax Ave; Cava Capital Llc to Lombard Lesley A, $156,250.
4102 Hanover Ave; The Starke Company Llc to Peterson Michael And Ashley, $900,000.
3013 Hawthorne Ave; Wetzel John to Garbers Victoria S And, $640,000.
3504 Hermitage Road; Tyack Virginia Trust Trustee to Greenleaf Rachel Ann, $349,950.
10230 W Huguenot Road; Siam Investments Llc to Bean Management Llc, $330,000.
1329 Idlewood Ave; Bailey Thomas M And Mary S to Roberts Sonja T, $478,000.
2729 Kenbury Road; Hannigan Brianna G to Walker Julia Dang And, $440,000.
6313 Kensington Ave; Webb Zachary Michael to Getman Darrell Jordan And, $328,500.
3101 Lake Terrace Ct; Rothermel Gregg to Neal Cynthia Anderson And, $218,000.
212 Larne Ave; Elliott Jamie to Ransom Trakaya Jamiah, $235,000.
100 W Leigh St; Brown Stephen And Edward D to Medvene Samuel, $279,000.
4814 Leonard Pkwy; Nguyen Kenneth H to Hardison Angela D, $405,000.
2610 M St; Beczkowski Timothy John to Paarlberg Michael A, $320,000.
3912 Marcy Pl; Foxley Jaeton W to Prenatt Matthew And, $194,000.
110 W Marshall St U37; Kosturakis David to Videna Celso And Carolinda And, $250,000.
406 N Meadow St; Burton Charles Mitchell Jr And to Cvejanovich Robert C Inter, $579,000.
601 Milton St; Integral Properties Llc to Evirs Patricia, $225,000.
2000 Moore St; Kennedy Linda S to Fowler Mark Nicholas Seth, $360,000.
2705 North Ave; Cardan Gold Equity Group Llc to J J and Assoc Llc, $190,000.
3416 Northview Pl; Benfield Charles P and Frances P to Fenn Kathryn Kerr, $430,000.
4509 Old Warwick Road; Serrano Rivera Manuel J to Bamisile Joseph, $227,000.
5230 Orcutt Lane; Jones Franklin D and Alice K to Brown Solomon, $178,500.
1723 Park Ave; White David S and Jean H to Cote John P And Gwyneth Jones, $1,339,000.
4700 Park Ave; James Brett to H P Virginia I Llc, $365,000.
3506 Patterson Ave; Davis Martha R to Chen Niely, $555,000.
5900 Patterson Ave U27; Urban Equity Llc to King Nicole, $255,000.
2424 Pineway Dr; Stilen Karen G to Zamora Noel And, $280,000.
2522 Porter St; Anderson Marcus A to Liles Chris P, $230,000.
311 Randolph St; Pitts Christian Lee to Nene Caythar S, $328,000.
2 N Robinson St; Britt Wayne F to One Parkwood Llc, $350,000.
3309 Rosewood Ave; Lewis Brian M to Bernard Wesley T And, $315,000.
2614 Seminary Ave; Murchison Joseph B and Marian M to 1847 Housing Group Llc, $235,000.
704 Seneca Road; Ring Catherine W And to Sandusky Jay D And, $475,000.
9220 St Charles Cir; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Wilhite Anne Obrien, $278,333.
9252 St Charles Cir; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Benedetti Joseph E, $285,067.
3043 Stratford Road; Curwood Sandara C to Jeffress Susan E, $475,000.
3314 Stuart Ave; Mcconville Family Trust Trs to Luo Ke And Albanese Melissa, $505,000.
6509 Stuart Ave; Bays Charles B And Rebecca S to Holzberg Jennifer, $580,000.
301 Virginia St U1405; Byrd Kenneth J to Oltmans Sheryl Ann And, $575,000.
4012 Walmsley Blvd; George Brothers Construction to Eltahir Furdous, $251,950.
1350 Westwood Ave U703; Murphy Carol H And Michael J to Epes Charles And Deborah, $349,900.
1118 Clauson Rd, Henrico; Minneti Nicholas J to Melton Christopher W and Megan, $215,000.
301 Cloverfield Ct, Henrico; Campbell Lachelle Y and Yolanda to Rogers Asia Nayshaun, $225,000.
3007 Comet Rd, Henrico; Peck Robert A Jr and M A to Dillard Emily, $263,000.
5613 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Swain Leslie J and Kelley P, $361,821.
13517 Cotley Ln, Henrico; Soule David P and Karen J to Nusbaum Christian C and Meredith R, $637,000.
10633 Courtney Rd, Glen Allen; Mcginnis Troy A and G-M to Ender Kenneth L and Catherine E Trustees, $483,950.
2832 Crown Grant Rd, Henrico; Binns William F to Moore Janet Gregory, $515,000.
305 Defense Ave, Sandston; Mabry Chanel to Hawthorne Elliott, $237,500.
1712 Devers Rd, Henrico; Shuford Joshua Alan to Hennis Katlyn and Jacob Humrich, $355,000.
12491 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Jain Shailendra K and Sucheta, $670,791.
1919 Duquesne Ave, Henrico; Costello Elaine B and Timothy Edward to Daniel Jeremy and Kathleen, $435,000.
5012 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Desai Ripal and Neha Shah, $884,643.
4100 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Johnson Nancy S Trustee to Barrett Charlotte M, $360,000.
4908 Farrell Ct, Henrico; Harrell Natalie B to Addis 1 Llc, $170,000.
7710 Flannagan Ct, U5, Henrico; Hall Brandon to Robinson Aliya S, $160,000.
7900 Fortress Pl, Henrico; Shaw Howard A and Regina W to Brown James E Jr and Donna, $420,000.
4942 Francistown Rd, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to Stanley Shirley Mae, $569,230.
3118 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Vadhavkar Vidyesh and Prerana P Karnik to Sims Chenia Tyler, $325,000.
2621 Gay Ave, Henrico; Davis Shawna N and Daren J to Gibson Oriniree, $198,000.
1611 Glenside Dr, Henrico; Campanella Shannon E to Kirkland Jordan E, $284,900.
3921 Grayson St, Henrico; Acs Facilities Llc to Brantley Leondria Louise and Kirk H Daley, $239,000.
2910 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Tognarelli Matthew J to Korba Rachel M and Timothy Michael Patrick, $310,000.
2911 Grove Point Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Harris Felicia S, $235,930.
99 Hanover Rd, Henrico; Kelsey Kimberly A to Enroughty Blaine L, $175,000.
2701 Harding’s Trace Ln, Henrico; Costa Megan R and Frank P Ii to Costa Timothy B and Jennifer A, $680,000.
11456 Hayloft Ln, Glen Allen; Rice Adam C and Michael R Push to Kumar Magesh M and Jamuna Chinnathambi, $510,000.
6117 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Red Lion Llc to Walsh Matthew W and Colleen M Christman, $242,500.
2203 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Jaeger Maria I to Torrence Elliott B, $220,000.
11400 Homestead Ln, Henrico; Spar Michael A and Kirsten L Rowe to Banks Michael J and Jill S, $380,000.
3808 Houndstooth Ct, Henrico; Johnston Joseph A and Loida E to Earl John Henry Iii and Claire B, $635,000.
9307 Huron Ave, Henrico; Chowdhury Nasir Uddin to Liverette Mary Pamela, $300,000.
3816 Indigo Run Dr, Henrico; Ellis Dwight D to Court James Douglas and Stephanie, $790,000.
909 Jamerson Ln, Glen Allen; Mazzacane Tina L to Narang Manish and Vasundhra Yadav, $393,000.
3 Kara Dr, Henrico; Fox David K and Terrie M to Halbrooks Robert J and Linda R, $375,000.
2118 Kent St, Henrico; Lee William C and Deborah M Costello to Heidenthal Christopher M, $214,500.
7719 King Eider Dr, Henrico; Quinichett Charles T Jr and Stephanie P to Christian Quentin and Irene Harris, $310,000.
5961 La France Rd, Sandston; Sanford Roger L to Espinoza Group Inc, $350,000.
9404 Lakeland Pl, Henrico; Weiger Roberta and Elaine Miller to Simpson Landon B Jr and Patricia H, $361,000.
1505 Largo Rd, U204, Henrico; Hinduja Dhiraj Keshavlal to Loomis Catherine I, $151,990.
2642 Lassen Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Mims Quinten Rashad, $388,521.
1713 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Ward Charles R and Margaret B to Yaratha Ramamohan and Prameela, $320,000.
4752 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; North Gayton Village Llc to NVR Inc, $184,000.
651 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; Edgerton Alicia to Johnson Tony Demond, $226,000.
2705 Lincoln Ave, Henrico; Gunn Eric W to Feran Joseph, $236,000.
11432 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Lauver Blair M to Mardigian Ralph Stephen, $537,500.
9813 Luscombe Ln, Henrico; Vandiver Carolyn Lena Sue to Diaz Rosa Digna Ramirez and Dagoberto R, $225,000.
2706 Rudolph Rd, Henrico; Harris Tasha Nicole to Sayago Drionis I F and D E F Sayago, $250,000.
4203 Saunders Tavern Trl, Ua, Henrico; Cole Sarah S to Barbara Ludwig, $322,500.
8351 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Hill Rita Renee, $295,095.
414 September Dr, Henrico; Buffenstein Allen S and Frona P to Kennel Sarah A and John J Maggs, $905,000.
31 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Maurer Tricia and Erik Trustees, $537,980.
12337 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Polenski Graceann to Deal Theresa, $222,000.
6728 Southbury Ct, Henrico; 6728 Southbury Llc to Hpa Us1 Llc, $292,000.
6432 Springcrest Ln, Henrico; Milius Allan D and Rhonda P to Webb Christopher and Wayne, $270,000.
12348 Stanwood Ct, Glen Allen; Levin Jeffrey L and Jane M Trustees to Edwards Jason T and Margaret, $685,000.
2101 Stoneheather Rd, Henrico; Jenkins Lynda L to Bulvin Shannon, $374,950.
2101 Summerhook Ct, Glen Allen; Goode Ryan H to Canaday Harry A and Meredith M King, $298,000.
2601 Tavern Way, Glen Allen; Lafoon Owen Mason and Elizabeth Stickley to Stumbaugh Kenneth and Eleanor Anne Lafoon, $260,000.
9597 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Colgan Sandra B and John R to Quintana-Branch Henry and Lester, $330,000.
303 Treva Rd, Sandston; Holder Justin W and Tyler to Parkin Daniel W, $205,500.
2113 Turtle Creek Dr, U3, Henrico; Froelich Alex L and Carol R to Dunn Theresa Black, $205,000.
2405 Valleymeade Pl, Glen Allen; Shah Dishant and Sanat to Kelly Meghan R, $245,000.
4506 Village Run Dr, Glen Allen; Shakoor Ibn Daleel to Irazoque Alfredo, $260,000.
2820 Waterford Way West, Henrico; Nannery Sean L and Andrea M to Meleski Daniel and Whitney, $475,000.
5407 Westbourne Dr, Henrico; James John W Iii and Linda V to Vieng Vanny S and Mary, $213,000.
900 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Russell Philip J and Natalie L to Whiteaker Paul and Carol, $903,000.
9214 Whitemont Dr, Henrico; Jaini Subhash K and Linda to Lerner James M and Hanh, $280,000.
8400 Wilshire Pl, Glen Allen; Fandel George L and Rita A to Turner Scott A and Katelyn M, $390,000.
8112 Wistar Creek Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Shackleford Danielle, $312,158.
10209 Wolfe Manor Ct, U803, Henrico; West Joseph E Jr to Reddragonfly Holdings Llc, $160,500.
5200 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Fockler Jack E Jr and Cheryl L to Horton Thomas M and Mary Mcmillan, $985,000.
HENRICO (additional)
1404 Claxton Rd, Henrico; Reid Charles D and Kathleen S Trustees to Millard Kevin M and Sarah M, $305,000.
7100 Club Rd, Henrico; Renick Kathryn C to Gormanlove Llc, $285,000.
7526 Comet Rd, Henrico; Holt David L and Martha B to Holt Samuel, $225,000.
5615 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Birnbaum David, $459,680.
5513 Cottage St, Henrico; Fortin Eric Daniel to Broady Taylor Nicole, $250,000.
9011 Covewood Rd, Glen Allen; Cavalli Gregory R and Rebecca Cavalli to Turner Christopher A and Kirby E, $275,000.
9999 Crystal Lake Ave, Glen Allen; Islam Imranul to Arthur Randy S and Johnelle J, $349,900.
62 Dehaven Dr, Henrico; Depgen Dorothy Estate to Hess William K and Joan Toddings-Hess, $222,100.
2801 Dillard Pl, Glen Allen; Doss David O and D M Garris Et Al to Salehin Md Nazmus and Kohinur Ali, $390,551.
12516 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Payne Latisha Brae and Amanda Evette, $638,214.
412 East Richmond Rd, Henrico; Oliver Cynthia G Trustee to Shaw Renae L, $269,950.
5024 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Patel Dhavalkumar B and Shreyaben H, $934,943.
2208 Essex Rd, Henrico; Tingle Martha C to Kilpatrick Ian-Alexander M, $412,000.
4958 Farrell Ct, Henrico; Shrestha Sunil Narayan and Rosi Baidhya to Abouzaki Bassel, $212,000.
7751 Flannagan Ct, U7, Henrico; Jewell Shelby B to Corrado Joseph P and Jessica M, $160,000.
3000 Fortune Rd, Henrico; Boyle Properties Llc to Pahl Michael and Morgan Stewart, $315,000.
4946 Francistown Rd, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to Tenorio Jeremy and Miriam, $558,000.
3122 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Johnson Tyrone Sr and Ruby N to Abdel-Hady Laylah, $310,000.
12208 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico; Funk William B and Catherine C to Chien Xiao Xun and Chun May Chan, $380,000.
12419 Grace Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Strader Kevin W and Samantha M Cox to Godin Mathieu and Nathlie Emplit, $525,200.
305 Green Hollow Ln, Sandston; Hornfeck Mark David to Fox Kamicia Shanice, $295,000.
11560 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen; Peters Michael D and A A to Minneti Nicholas J and Stephanie C, $395,000.
1214 Grumman Dr, Henrico; Mateyka Edward G to Abdalla Tarig, $296,000.
7000 Hapsburg Ct, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Lee Ashley K and Ronald T Jackson Jr, $358,275.
5172 Hart Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Le Hieu Van to Chowdhury Nasir U and Maharunesa Shamim, $339,700.
10103 Hearthrock Ct, Henrico; Harmon Daniel to Crandell Gregory A and Barbara B Trustees, $436,000.
11600 Herrick Ln, Glen Allen; Krolczyk Melvin D and Roslyn A Marwood to Bobba Lakshmi and Rambabu, $610,500.
2215 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Rand Tamara P to Joyner Shannon Diana, $205,000.
2409 Homeview Dr, Henrico; Cardoso Joselito B and Isabel C Tramontina to Claros Ramiro T and Keelin C Ferrufino, $318,000.
43 Huneycutt Dr, Henrico; Reed Martin E and Sheila to White Tiara M, $174,000.
1122 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Lyerly Kathy J to Puckett Elizabeth Brierton, $430,000.
2503 Inman Ave, Henrico; Rowe Michael J to Balallo Kellie and Joshua Alexander Cotto, $190,000.
6228 Jeffrey Rd, Henrico; Aiken Daniel F to Hottle Ion, $364,990.
3513 Katy Brooke Pl, Glen Allen; Cardoso Joselito B and Isabel C Tramontina to Nash 1 Investments Llc, $589,000.
2314 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Steele Richard Eric to Devito Amy and Cory Anderson, $245,000.
301 Kingscote Ln, Glen Allen; Ghaffarian Daniel A to Chintneedi Royal A R and L N Mutyala, $350,000.
6066 La France Rd, Sandston; Wiles Henry L Jr and Barbara J to Dagliano Patricia and Brian, $150,000.
3220 Lakewood Rd, Glen Allen; Hamburg Warren to Reeson Alan D and Gretchen B, $438,000.
1502 Largo Rd, U304, Henrico; Harland Ann C to Day Cheryl, $150,000.
2644 Lassen Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Neeligari Sreevani, $357,305.
2220 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Hart Tyler R and Melissa E to Al Obaidi Hadeel A and Ikram Jaafar, $283,250.
4755 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Sharma Gaurav and Yama Veerangana Pandit, $684,293.
1713 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Adeab Omeal L and Mariam Y Ishak to Chan Sunggarea and Shyanne, $315,250.
2913 Lincoln Ave, Henrico; Gits Clayton and Stephanie Hunter to Lee Cortland and Brianna Kelsey, $239,500.
5512 Lower Wyndham Ct, Glen Allen; Ferguson Miles D and Patricia A to Das Monoj Kumar, $560,551.
5516 Luxford Ct, Glen Allen; Vasko John R and Amy H to Robinson Paul A and Charlie Rachel M, $558,500.
2716 Rudwick Rd, Glen Allen; Jones Linda D to Parisi Nicholas and Natalie, $400,000.
4225 Saunders Tavern Trl, Ub, Henrico; Park Jay H and Jennifer J Song to Akkena Sudhakar, $401,500.
8353 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Wyche Billy, $280,990.
145 Seven Pines Ave, Sandston; Morton Angela Faye to Lizalovic Amir, $225,000.
11947 Shire View Way, Henrico; Green John and Adria Mayo to Goji Properties Inc, $370,000.
12345 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Hill Lee B and Kenneth W to Rice Elaine W, $235,000.
2009 Southwinds Ct, Glen Allen; Kennett Jeffrey C and Annette M to Fowlkes Doretha Pride, $387,000.
5960 Springfield Rd, Glen Allen; Atack Sharon Wilton to West James T and Sudha Koduru, $1,020,000.
12349 Stanwood Ct, Glen Allen; Consentino Joseph L and Wendy D Witz to Way Stacy-Ann and Matthew, $726,000.
2019 Stonehollow Rd, Henrico; Deland David L and Vicki L to Roshdy Emad and Mona Nabil Louis, $423,000.
3400 Swanhollow Cir, Henrico; Palmer Eric F and Betty A to Klassen Melissa C and Daniel S, $575,000.
2704 Terry Dr, Henrico; Stallard Betty W Trustee to Magrini Lynn M, $279,500.
6537 Timberland Dr, Sandston; Williams Irvin M and Sandra M Vaughan to Johnson Brandie R and Walter E, $385,000.
6100 Treyburn Way, Glen Allen; Ackerman Joseph D to Weiner Family Limited Partnership, $1,050,000.
2101 Turtle Creek Dr, U8, Henrico; Miller Sally T to Chen Wenmei, $215,000.
7905 Varann Rd, Henrico; Smith Ralston K Iii and Melissa J to Carter-Johnson Ashley, $300,000.
12298 Village Springs Dr, Glen Allen; North Gayton Village Llc to NVR Inc, $184,000.
8812 Watlington Rd, Henrico; Mcwilliams Joseph C Jr and Anne C to Garren Victoria I and Ana V Ingroff, $590,000.
1608 Westcastle Dr, Henrico; Ridenhour John M and Melissa D to Henshaw Aileen and Ian Contilo Agulto, $450,000.
1330 Westridge Rd, Henrico; Do Liem H and Hanh D to Nguyen Tricia Tram, $265,000.
12025 Willbrook Ct, Henrico; 12025 Willbrook Drive Llc to Webb Aaron and Sara Foster, $330,000.
9398 Wind Haven Ct, U0102, Glen Allen; Duah Irene K to Flinchum Robert, $169,500.
8116 Wistar Creek Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Cobb Curtis Jacob and Nicole Monique, $319,259.
7900 Woodman Rd, Henrico; Scott Robert Allen and Jennifer M to Sabol Morgan, $182,500.
8412 Yolanda Rd, Henrico; Jacobs Cora Lee Trustee to Basta Youssef N, $315,000.
2811 Botone Ave, North Chesterfield; Estrada De Maranon Audelia to Garcia Yvonne, $204,950.
4416 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Anthony Eric, $301,435.
13920 Brandy Oaks Pl, Chesterfield; Rinehart Steven R and Karen C to Ensley Daniel L and Michelle, $443,000.
11636 E Briar Patch Dr, Midlothian; Klein Edward J to Perry Gail W, $195,000.
2513 Brookforest Rd, Midlothian; Louissaint Jasimine to Martin Allan Joseph and Jamie Austin, $260,000.
7310 Buck Rub Ln, Midlothian; Sigdel Yuba R to Lara Sergio Piedra, $270,000.
12449 Cameron Bridge Pl, Midlothian; Domroes James to Asade Oladipupo Opeyemi, $325,000.
7304 Cannonade Ct, Midlothian; Melichar David V and Ashley C to Weatherford Joseph A, $293,400.
13230 Carters Way Rd, Chesterfield; Ballard Ryan Scott Et Al to Spangler Christopher Lewis and Ness Mary Vincent, $400,000.
3111 Castlebury Dr, Chester; Calhoun David Otha to Bradley Patrick Steven and Kimberly Ann, $236,000.
16806 Chalet Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Portz Charles H Iv and Laura B, $657,140.
7873 Chasing Ln, North Chesterfield; David Krista to Oby Candace Michelle, $290,000.
12831 Chester Grove Dr, Chester; Traylor Brandon M to Frank Natalie and Justin, $260,000.
11512 Clay Ridge Dr, Chesterfield; Winston Danielle to Stennett Dionne, $325,000.
421 Comstock Dr, North Chesterfield; Hakimzada Jami Q to Hoover Charles and Stephanie, $310,000.
3109 Cottage Oaks Ct, Midlothian; Higgins Elizabeth C to Snead Norton Jr and Betty, $265,000.
11111 Cranbeck Ct, North Chesterfield; Sheppard Hilda A to Clevenger Christopher Douglas and Hopkins Hannah Jo, $285,000.
13803 Crosstimbers Rd, Midlothian; Kirby Charles E to Tolley Shirley M, $282,000.
12015 Delavial St, Chester; Taylor Alicia to Duarte Martinez Oscar S and Duarte Kaile Marie, $260,000.
13358 Diamond Ridge Dr, Midlothian; Clanton Nelson Jr and Tiffani B to Krone Michael E, $270,000.
5624 Drayton Landing Ct, Chester; Ballard Velma J Estate to Higgs Thessalonia, $350,000.
12018 Dunnottar Dr, Chesterfield; Hager Philip B and Kimberley H to Millson Eric Brian and Elizabeth Ann, $810,000.
8616 Dwayne Ln, North Chesterfield; Showalter Douglas T and Nancy C to Nguyen Bao-Chuong Dinh and Nguyen Dung Thi, $305,000.
9005 Eider Lndg, Chesterfield; Stoneman M R and Stoneman A Trs to Procise Lawrence D and Jennifer W, $885,000.
7219 Emerald Point Vis, Moseley; Smith Susan Prillaman to Hurley William James and Wendy Burnett, $400,000.
7865 Etching St, North Chesterfield; Campbell Barbara to Nkefor Dominic, $264,900.
4511 Exton Ln, Chester; Mosqueda Antonio Usiel M to Ordonez Christopher E, $285,000.
4009 Farmhill Ln, Chesterfield; Jones Bionca L to Lovell Nancy B, $280,000.
5939 Fieldstone Rd, North Chesterfield; Hoyer Angela to Revere Ethan Hall and Revere James Hall Iii, $235,000.
7510 Flag Tail Dr, Midlothian; Costanzo John M to Todd Melissa Nichole and Viars Dallas Jude, $278,500.
15400 Fox Briar Ln, Midlothian; Nebera Patrick and Morgan to Hilleary Kristin B and Michael W, $465,000.
14303 Fulford Ct, Midlothian; Beyer Sanford F Ii and Dorene M to Lemos Victor Alves and Elizabeth Schenider, $550,000.
5518 Garden Grove Rd, Chesterfield; Johnson Machelle to Branch Omari Hasan, $450,000.
8001 Gates Bluff Ct, Chesterfield; Noe Candace S Trustee to Chase Michael Thomas and Emily Ann, $515,000.
10400 Glen Oaks Dr, Chester; Kunkel Jason A and Tara L to Kolev Joy L, $290,000.
301 Glenpark Ln, Midlothian; Schwind Martin P and Sharon H to St John Kimberly F and Cameron R, $475,000.
16512 Gossamer Dr, Moseley; Thomas Richard J and Stephanie R to Strachan Michael J and Joan E, $384,000.
2852 Goyne Loop, Chester; Panama Llc to Edmonds Alicia, $225,000.
3818 Greenwood Dr, South Chesterfield; Nalevanko John Scott and Elida to Dandridge Marcella S, $183,818.
5714 Grove Forest Rd, Midlothian; Sollars Lance and Peggy to Devaney Shawn M and Amanda R, $375,000.
15917 Hallowell Rdg, Moseley; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Duke Winston Carl and Jo Anne H, $309,442.
15630 Hampton Crest Pl, Chesterfield; Kreuzer Luiza N to White Anthonelli and Rivero Estefania J, $443,500.
5817 Harbour Hill Pl, Midlothian; Reeder Jeffrey W and Elaine M to Steele John and Lauren, $545,000.
4112 Harrow Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Scott Richard Lee Jr and Jameka Renee, $383,710.
1606 Headwaters Rd, Midlothian; Martin Joanna to Aldiab Pamela A, $250,000.
13307 Henlow Dr, Midlothian; Khan Kamran Q and Setty N A to Spotts Alexander David and Brianna Lynn, $825,000.
15000 Highberry Woods Ct, Midlothian; Baker Veronica L to Winiecki Michael Stephen and Marquita Brown, $355,000.
603 Holly Grove Ln, North Chesterfield; Nowinski Elaine Marie Cairo Tr to Arehart Naomi M and Abraham J, $350,000.
2111 Huguenot Springs Rd, Midlothian; Heafner E Z and Heafner W M Trs to Makshar Bashir S and Alradaei Yafa Ali, $970,000.
7000 Iron Bridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Hollywood Wnm Richmond Llc to 7000 Iron Bridge Road Richmond Llc, $8,200,439.
16949 Jennway Ter, Moseley; Ritter Teddy L and Cynthia L to Anderson Waylon and Jewell Tyresa, $650,000.
10628 Jousting Ln, North Chesterfield; Grumblatt Leo James and Lorrie to Eilers Staci, $260,000.
341 Kernel Ct, North Chesterfield; Graham Lois G to Hogan Larry Steven and Andrea Perkins, $371,725.
10506 Krenmore Ln, Chester; Blair Alexander B and Barbara L to Nelson Dale L, $465,000.
4631 Lake Summer Loop, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Gallamore Justin and Casey B, $601,968.
1700 Lancashire Dr, North Chesterfield; Swain Robert E and Jane C to Bousquet Devin Eugene, $321,500.
1402 Lauren Ct, Midlothian; Cin John S and Denise L to Schaefer Angela Bottoms and Walter Scott, $405,000.
12303 Leesburg Ct, Midlothian; Lydick Mark S and Lora A to Watson William N Iii and Watson William N Jr, $160,000.
3901 Litchfield Dr, Chesterfield; Fleshman Tony M and Julie S to Ludwig Matthew David, $285,000.
1307 Lockett Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Kyle Brandon to Ceremuga Scott Martin and Colleen Marie, $233,000.
3931 Lyndale Ter, North Chesterfield; Bealer Matthew and Amy to Lusagala Carlie A and Conrad M, $311,000.
9012 Mahogany Dr, Chesterfield; Oshn Llc to Eskander Ramy, $475,000.
4801 Mason Dale Dr, North Chesterfield; Rogers Tina M to Gonzalez Martha, $245,000.
4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Clemmer Alison D and Dewell John R Jr, $268,990.
6030 Meadwood Cir, North Chesterfield; Tan Field Llc to Harris Kimberly, $236,000.
11020 Merganser Ter, Chesterfield; Beck Russow R Iii and Lora T to Macharsky David Michael and Shanna Lee, $590,000.
6013 Mill Spring Ct, Midlothian; Bickford Brennen and Meyer R to Barden Julie M, $278,900.
14507 Mistwood Forest Ct, Chester; Green John Cevers Iv to Toler Jamie Dale and Mellissa, $270,000.
14006 Mountshire Ln, Chester; Mcgraw Michael and Jasmine to Wright William Edward Jr and Crabbe Randi Shalon, $384,500.
3800 Newbys Bridge Rd, Chesterfield; Dart Norman L to Cesare Eric Thomas and King-Blanchard Veda, $225,000.
5901 North Point Ct, Midlothian; Elsakr Safaa Saber to Seay Bethany F and Earl E Jr, $411,000.
10512 Oakforest Ct, Chesterfield; Restrepo Pedro N and Mena D R to Steinruck Kimberly P, $260,000.
11450 Old Centralia Rd, Chester; Williams J S and Williams B G to Roman Valle Jose S, $230,000.
1400 Oldbury Rd, Midlothian; Veatch Dean and Patricia to Stone Emily and Brian, $265,000.
4719 Otterdale Rd, Moseley; Bowen Lloyd W and Mildred W to Nguyen John Thuc and Kim M, $300,000.
4601 Painted Post Ln, Midlothian; Schifano K N and Brandao D S to Williams Andrew, $305,000.
6624 Philbrook Rd, North Chesterfield; New Urban Life Llc to Escobar Jorge A and Lira Saul Eduardo Hernandez and Sanchez Ana Estela Pereira, $263,000.
2310 Planters Row Dr, Midlothian; Sackett Nathan J and Lindsay H to Wood David A and Brisbane Natalie P, $480,000.
11312 Poplar Ridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Leadbetter Peter I Ii Et Al Tr to Annoot Deborah Diane, $345,000.
9623 Prince James Ter, Chesterfield; Diblasio John D to Sharpe Bryan and Olga, $350,000.
205 Pumpkin Pl, North Chesterfield; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Priest Carol A and Badgerow Bradford, $297,000.
8600 Rainwater Rd, North Chesterfield; Flournoy James T Jr to Landmark Associates Llc Of Va, $150,000.
2501 Reymet Rd, North Chesterfield; Macbrand Foods Inc to Smith-Gordon Shaqunna Ashley, $200,000.
13543 Ridgemoor Dr, Midlothian; Stinnett Robert H to Jenkins Ashley Marie, $275,000.
15006 River Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Grant Tyler Joel and Alexandra, $459,875.
14207 Riverdowns South Dr, Midlothian; Ali Raziuddin and Mohiuddin S to Phillips Mary and Peter, $861,000.
5054 Rollingway Rd, Chesterfield; Gregory Michael H to Edmundson Marcia L, $245,000.
319 Rossmere Dr, Midlothian; Moore-Martin Lisa K Et Als to Mills Brandon and Ritko Meredith, $476,000.
6314 Sagamore Ct, Moseley; NVR Inc to Hetrick Rebecca Lynn and Hetrick Robert Anthony, $468,391.
13931 Sagegrove Cir, Midlothian; Chuga Gregory M Ii to Pennington Thomas Lee and Peter Hampton, $315,000.
16120 Santana St, Chester; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Clarke Candace, $273,000.
2401 Scarsborough Dr, North Chesterfield; Cahill Florence E Estate to Ryan Robert N Iii and Joanna B, $463,750.
3302 Shallowford Trce, Midlothian; Julian Brendan D and Julie T to Lewis-Hinds Carolann, $285,000.
4707 Shepherds Mill Dr, Chesterfield; Gillis Christopher A and Janet H to Valcin Hendy and Nadia, $311,000.
7212 Silver Mist Ave, North Chesterfield; Hunter Thomas Lee Jr to Kroog Paul and Carol, $327,000.
8436 Sir Lionel Pl, North Chesterfield; Tiesler Donald A to Shorter Dwayne L, $285,000.
6611 Southwalk Hts, Moseley; Rref Ii-Tfc Greenwich Llc to Greenwich Walk Villas Condominium At Foxcreek Llc, $343,912.
9542 Springhouse Dr, Chesterfield; York William S and Christie L to Ramos Danya M, $400,000.
7272 Stafford Park Dr, Moseley; Borchardt Gregory and Shelly to Czechanski Steven T and Kathryn M, $569,990.
10910 Stepney Rd, Chester; Ward Walter E and Judy H to Agee Edward and Keosha, $308,000.
9012 Sugar Hill Pl, Midlothian; Dixon Reginald to Engles Terrence, $421,777.
8401 Summit Acres Dr, North Chesterfield; Vinson Michelle F to Jar Johnason, $376,000.
5422 Sunrise Bluff Ct, Midlothian; Perry Kevin M and Natalie to Bailey Duane T and Rachel A, $585,000.
3213 Sylvania Rd, Chester; Tingen Thaxton C to Clarke Joseph Russell, $220,000.
6812 Theoden Lndg, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Hogan Sheldon Curtis, $367,890.
13631 Thorngate Rd, Midlothian; Chatfield George W and Ardel O to Degenaro Frank Douglas and Gonzalez Richard C, $425,000.
11213 Timber Point Dr, Chesterfield; Elliotte Kenneth D and Ruth A M to Yarbough Leon Jyrone and Mattie Love, $670,000.
4225 Tire Swing Way, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Northington Shawn M, $356,555.
14101 Trailtop Ter, South Chesterfield; Rocker Michael and Danielle to Gilliam Everett L Trustee, $280,000.
2502 Troycott Pl, North Chesterfield; Warker Cheryl D Trustee to Thalgy Joy, $160,000.
4801 Valencia Pl, Chesterfield; Goodman Rayfield Iii to Baggett Hunter Ray, $215,000.
5001 W Village Green Dr, Midlothian; Vinson Investments Inc to Harbor Sunset. Llc, $1,225,000.
1407 Walnut Dr, Chester; Rabanales Jose M to Zelaya Cristian, $215,000.
1220 Warminster Dr, Midlothian; Damak Llc to Mangano Michael C and Swain Rebecca, $299,000.
2249 Waters Mill Cir, North Chesterfield; Lunsford Harold D and Hazel S to Cooper Wesley S, $355,000.
1718 Westbury Ridge Dr, Midlothian; Smith Robert J Trustee to Lazrus Ross and Maya, $350,000.
8412 Whirlaway Dr, Midlothian; Parks Roger W Jr and Alease M to Parks Rajene A and Parks Rashelle A, $285,000.
8851 Whitepine Rd, North Chesterfield; Harrison and Hine Llc to Cremate Chesterfield Llc, $475,000.
15306 Winding Ash Dr, Chesterfield; Mcdearmon Matthew E and Katie R to Pennington Katie Leigh, $285,000.
15525 Wolfboro Rd, Chesterfield; Mcbride Marcus and Michelle N to Figueroa Luis and Cid Courtney Del, $497,000.
1001 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Freeze Jacqueline E and Freeze Eveline H, $435,128.
1725 Woodyshade Cir, North Chesterfield; Williams John Paul Ii to Bayliss Stephen M and Michelle, $268,000.
9116 Dove Creek Place, Mechanicsville; Jane McGuire Durrette to David B. Guion, $312,000.
10222 Finlandia Drive, Mechanicsville; Byron D. Burns to William Hunt Moore, $270,000.
12040 Fox Mill Run Lane, Ashland; Robert E. Weaver to Amy M. Ewing, $390,000.
10245 Grand Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville; Steven J. Charwinsky to Leonard G. Gulasky, $334,000.
2319 Habeas Court, Mechanicsville; Theodore H. McConnell to Karen F. Smith, $319,950.
6066 Havenview Drive, Mechanicsville; Joshua M. Molnar to Joseph W. Crowe, $325,000.
18298 Hewlett Drive, Beaverdam; Andrew S. Baker to Daniel M. McDonald, $510,000.
9923 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Chad Allen Campbell, $477,590.
9283 Ivy Banks Drive, Mechanicsville; Cathie S. Thomas to Timothy A. Lively, $328,000.
17199 Katy Lane, Beaverdam; Stephanie J. O’Neal Reneau to Pamela Spencer, $450,000.
204 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Noland R. Deas Jr., $398,580.
9819 Littlerock Court, Mechanicsville; Andrew Adams to Ramses Vasquez Mendoza, $364,000.
Lot 2, Section 4, West Hanover Hills; Embrace Homes Loans Inc. to Lofton Leasing LLC, $314,200.
Lot 48, Section 1, Villages at Taylor Farm; HHHunt Homes LC to Christopher J. Pontier, $569,000.
Lot 8, Block A, Cherrydale; Turnkey Living Solutions LLC to Deborah J. Magnasco, trustee, $260,000.
Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, Block T, Section 4, Chickahominy Falls; CFalls II LLC to Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia, $340,000.
9373 Marne Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Scott A. Newton, $346,957.
7971 Meadow Drive, Mechanicsville; George R. Blue to Kayla M. Pinkham, $244,500.
8200 Mount Storm Court, Mechanicsville; Debra M. Willis to Lauren Henley, $235,000.
15247 Old Ridge Road, Beaverdam; Mary Alison Joy to Mark C. Wheeler, $435,000.
Parcel; Control LLC to 8272 Meadowbridge LLC, $325,000.
Parcel; ME Lauradell LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia, $835,000.
12624 Pin Oaks Estates Drive, Glen Allen; Dante A. Diorio to Jeremy Swift, $630,000.
6148 Poppy Seed Lane, Mechanicsville; Mark J. Williams to Ziad Haboush, $252,500.
13585 Providence Run Road, Ashland; Anna C. Mosteller to Travis Keith Grant, $345,000.
301 Robinson St., Unit 7, Ashland; L&A Ventures LLC to Allen C. All, $179,950.
Section 2, Villages at Taylor Farm; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $282,000.
7315 Shannondale Road, Mechanicsville; Richard J. Bonistalli to Shannon Marie Bajer, $507,000.
13334 Slayden Circle, Ashland; Amy Rybar Menefee to Charlotte L. Casey, $469,000.
9053 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Stephen Hollway, $328,860.
19365 Sterling Creek Lane, Rockville; Robert E. Draper to John J. Corral Jr., $327,000.
17266 Summer Meadow Road, Beaverdam; Eric B. Tignor to Vicki L. Williams, $335,000.
5350 Swamp Lane, Mechanicsville; Daniel S. Bajer to Daniel Hagaman, $592,000.
9127 Sycamore Hill Place, Mechanicsville; Mark E. Stewart to Ronald Eugene Mack Jr., $360,000.
7318 Travellers Way, Mechanicsville; Amy C. Wingfield to Samuel J. Brewer, $315,000.
7366 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Eleanor S. League to Jeffrey J. McInnis, $300,000.
11321 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Kenneth Payton, $279,990.
7236 Yellow Wood Tree Place, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to John T. Haas, successor trustee, $315,451.
Lot 3, Block E, Section B, Kimberly Farms; Charles W. Corcoran to James C. Corcoran, $170,000.
Lot 8, Block A, Section 2, Greywalls; Michael A. Konvicka to John S. Moore, $200,000.
3834 Mill Mount Drive, Powhatan; Howard David Hardin to Lara K. Ratliff, $530,000.
3755 Mill Mount Place, Powhatan; Tailored Homes Inc. to Teri C. O’Sullivan, $550,271.
5903 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Craig E. Hicks to Stephen Lee Kneer Sr., $290,000.
1535 Ole Bert Drive, Powhatan; Finer Homes Inc. to Spencer D. Trichell, $452,470.
1020 Schroeder Road, Powhatan; Andrew Paul Bauman to Derek T. Whay, $390,000.
3401 Seasail Ave., Powhatan; Michael R. Francis to Brendan Sean Ellis, $440,000.
2339 Stoney Brook Road, Powhatan; Christopher L. Thames to Nathan Patrick Heatley, $300,000.
3768 Tilmans Farm Drive, Powhatan; Michael R. Greaser to George Wayne Proffitt Jr., $653,000.
2789 Windy Hill Lane, Powhatan; Sheckel Properties LLC to Lee Macarthur Singleton, $276,000.
4326 Worsham Road, Powhatan; David D. Benson to Dorsey Crichton, $320,000.
2432 Gammons Creek Drive, Maidens; Andrea Gibson-Nurmi to Elizabeth W. Morse, $570,000.
304 Glenmeade Circle, Manakin Sabot; Ari Hirsch to Ashley M. Sipe, $835,000.
212 Kinloch Road, Manakin Sabot; Michael K. Dolan, trustee to Thomas W. Stoltz, $1,495,000.
811 Kline Court, Goochland; John Anthony Stacy Jr. to James W. Sutton, $352,000.
Lot 21, Tuckahoe Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to Kenneth G. King, $345,000.
Lot 4, Section 9, Kinloch; Kinloch Development Corp. to David A. Taylor, $375,000.
15742 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Jasper Arthur Mersereau, $570,071.
15744 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Robert Young Fidler Jr., $723,646.
351 Swinburne Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to David A. Johnson, $719,046.
12040 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to William C. Gerwitz, $452,665.
12045 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Wanda Nadine Blackford, $514,625.
12046 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Dorothy Sandra Buckner, $433,965.
12057 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Marilyn L. Mauck, $490,655.
1241 The Forest, Crozier; Sherry A. Norris to Brita Kriss, $860,000.
441 Holly Hill Drive; John E. Turek to Jayquan Elliott, $153,000.
3232 Longstreet Drive; Federal National Mortgage Association to Wayland Burton, $210,000.
1889 Monticello St.; River City Estates LLC to Daniel MacGlohon Martin, $160,000.
739 Myrick Ave.; Elwood T. Hodnett Jr. to Willie D. Arrington, $162,700.
4544 Peters Creek Road, Columbia; Joseph B. McGee Turner to Jackson Teryl Stewart, $485,000.
2808 Preston Park, Sandy Hook; Grayson C. Pettit to Henry M. Tassitano, trustee, $399,920.
216 Sycamore St. North; The Jury’s Inn LLC to Virginia Community Capital Inc., $566,652.
1557 Valor Drive; Davenport Renovations LLC to Kuriqua Mondrell Spain, $172,000.
1750 Westover Ave.; Phillip M. Davis to Devon Richardson, $367,500.
2007 Westover Ave.; Richard T. Wilson IV to Sharice L. Coles, $293,000.
13591 Courthouse Road, Dinwiddie; Darius L. Evans to Lorie Carroll, $310,000.
14919 Courthouse Road, Dinwiddie; A-May-Zing Homes LLC to Wilfred S. Colbert Jr., $299,900.
851 Even Keel Lane, Church Road; Larry C. Hughes to James Hamilton Madden Revocable Trust, $760,000.
12107 Gravelly Drive, Dinwiddie; Howard P. Scott to Shirley W. Mason, $190,000.
21913 Old Vaughn Road, Dinwiddie; Federal National Mortgage Association to Patricia Johnson, $237,600.
24230 Old Vaughan Road, Dinwiddie; Andrew J. Dyson to Terry P. Woodson, $249,900.
25103 Ritchie Ave., North Dinwiddie; ILUP LLC to Amanda Velez, $245,000.
25313 Ritchie Ave., North Dinwiddie; Gary Lee Sims to Mary Anne Phillips, $162,000.
6309 Trinity Church Road, Church Road; Tyler S. Hannon to Edward J. Foley III, $275,000.
12007 Walkers Lane, Ford; Billy B. Sandifer to Charles R. Frain, $225,000.
5724 Whisper Road, Sutherland; Nathan C. Franks to Eduardo Figuero, $282,000.
4309 Woodstream Drive, North Dinwiddie; Kevin E. Lands to Chantelle Marie Lands, $237,500.
171 Charlotte Ave.; Beiro, Lesley Anne to Stewart, Angelique Denise, $195,000.
1107 Clifton Drive; Blaha, David E to Singha, Sudhanshu, $237,500.
317 Dick Ewell Ave.; Jamison, Angela A. to Christian, Denise, $195,000.
1215 Duke Of Gloucester St.; Preston, David N to Showen, Ethan, $265,000.
320 Hamilton Ave.; Aird, James D. to Ackerman, Elijah W., $240,000.
810 Hamilton Ave.; Partin, Rebecca C. to Ruiz, Arquimides Beltran, $219,500.
110 Lexington Drive; Laughlin, Robert G. to Mccurry, Carli A., $230,000.
400 Macarthur Ave.; Johnson, Amy S to Cross, Miles L., $160,000.
113 Princeton Road; Ryder, Jeffery L. to Orellana, Cristina, $242,500.
207 Richmond Ave.; Lastovica, Brian E. to Newton, Iris M., $190,000.
112 Winston Ave.; Jones Sr, Michael C to Johnson, Anthony L., $255,000.
158 Wright Ave.; Ware, Daniela F. to Alarhabi, Mokhtar M., $185,000.
710 Francis St.; Cathy Sue Ransom to Randy Selnick, $240,000.
Lots 5 and 6, Block 30, Section 2, Dupont Annex; Umar Al-Amin to Abimael Nieves Velez, $165,000.
2306 Portsmouth St.; Wanda M. Jones to Tiffani Brown, $155,000.
324 Woodbine St.; S&E Restorations LLC to Rudyard A. Stephens, $199,500.
6550 Hadley Mill Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Justin D. Pfeifer, $466,126.
7909 James Field Manor, Quinton; Liberty Homes of Virginia Inc. to Amber N. Warren, $282,090.
Lot 1, Block B, Quinton Park; Michael S. Verdu to Cartus Financial Corp., $430,000.
Lot 86, Section Q, Phase 2, Brickshire; Gerald Hale to Howard A. Jones, $300,000.
3826 Minitree Glen Drive, Providence Forge; Donna K. Temple to Giuseppe Campo, $332,000.
11463 Oakrise Road, New Kent; Brian L. Oakes to Kevin Almeida, $305,000.
4511 Gelding Road, Barhamsville; Rock River Inc. to Mark William Bezik, $589,900.
5580 St. Leger Drive, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Raymond Thrift Evans and Karen Lee Vangessel Evans Revocable Trust, $436,120.
3453 Virginia Rail Drive, Providence Forge; Patrick R. Schrader to Curtis J. Bursaw, $436,500.
5839 Yellow Jasmine Terrace, Providence Forge; Antar Abouzaki to Craig Coleman, $370,000.
6980 Fox Drive, Prince George; Bobby W. Woodfin to Markus Desean Small, $235,000.
1591 Lakeside Drive, Prince George; Carolyn D. Cullen to Robert Defrain Mathison, $250,000.
4309 Pamela Drive, Disputanta; Rebecca M. McBride, executor to Joseph L. Hardee, $182,000.
14575 Shannons Lane, Disputanta; Deborah Lee Blankenship to David Alvin Campbell Jr., $359,000.
3504 Tom Sawyer Lane, Prince George; H. Keith and Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Ryan Christopher Thompson, $255,000.
Lot 3, Shelton Woods; Felecia Ann Logan to Shandria M. Bradby, $228,000.
7.854 acres; 8 AM Inc. to Kevin Faubion, $272,000.
Lot 35, Winterham Place; Alex D. Jefferson to James Edwards, $170,000.
10300 Redfield Drive, Amelia Court House; Willis Smith Jr. to Wesley E. Thomas, $399,000.
269 Cooks Road, Farmville; Jacob Lee Wray to Randy Lee Dawson, $240,000.
733 Bruington Road, Bruington; Brian J. Murphy-Molloy to Shelby Lynn Thomas, $235,000.
268 Shallow Springs Road, Newton; David C. Helton to Erik Callies, $300,000.
38 Gwynne Drive, Aylett; Gail C. Worsham to Billie Jo Browning, $180,500.
1948 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Brandon Vincent Bone, $242,560.
Lot 15, Cypress Park; Michael A. Pumo to Allyn W. Gemerek, $279,950.
142 Moncuin Court, Manquin; Kellum Homes LLC to Jordan Blaire Goodman, $320,000.
Parcel; David Berberich to Mark Wilson Billings, $850,000.
119 Pollard Place, Aylett; Bennet C. Durham to Ricky Shipp, $285,000.
1131 Rosebud Run; Brad Eric Keefer to Tony Martin, $256,500.
Lots 12 and 11, Block 5, City of Williamsburg; The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to John T. Wells Jr., $650,000.
131 Woodmere Drive; Craig C. Dewey to Wayne L. Dennis, $723,000.
Parcel at intersection of U.S. 460 and Virginia 40; Sprague Properties LLC to Pedraza Family LLC, $290,000
100 The Maine, Williamsburg; Phillip James Higgins to Michelle L. Walmsley, $329,000.
121 Tutters Neck, Williamsburg; Miles A. Casey to Blake Edward Richardson, $322,500.
3129 Weathers Blvd, Unit C, Toano; Travis R. Christie to Budaki Russell, $190,000.
109 Westward Ho, Williamsburg; Leonard J. Orabona to Stephen C. Cool, $650,000.
63 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Nathan C. Johnston to Akosua Boakyewaa Bonsu, $278,000.
661 Fairfax Way, Williamsburg; James L. Ferguson Jr. to James M. Brewster, $580,000.
3438 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Kala Kristene Cespedes, $338,020.
5119 E Grace Court, Williamsburg; Olanda L. Hankle to Andre McLaughlin, $354,000.
3301 Heather Court, Williamsburg; Harry M. Baron to Wayne Beagle, $201,000.
2028 Holmes Court East, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Matthew W.C. Zehner, $322,200.
1522 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg; Raymond Lee Bryant to Bushra K. Ebneof, $345,000.
101 King William Drive, Williamsburg; Dillon T. Fail to Harun Maktay, $250,000.
4705 Levingston Lane, Williamsburg; Edwards Administrative Trust to Thomas O. Sanders, $479,900.
Lot 109, Chisel Run; Carl R. Berquist Jr. to Nancy S. Early, trustee, $190,000.
Lot 51, Ford’s Colony; Mayur C. Patel to Daniel Wilson, $150,000.
3120 Maplewood Place, Williamsburg; East Coast Contracting LLC to Christopher Michael Overbeck, $329,900.
125 Mid Ocean, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Charles W. Mitchell, $701,119.
244 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Kenneth G. Douglas, $281,715.
5314 Nicholas Court, Williamsburg; Meredith E. Fradenburgh to Ryan Hunter Gardner, $192,500.
3224 Oak Branch Lane, Toano; Christine M. Belcastro, trustee to Jeffery O. Smith, $800,000.
118 Par Drive, Williamsburg; William G. Price to Mike S. Chiang, $326,000.
Parcels; Stephen W. Caudill to Chris Adickes, $420,000.
109 Parker Ave., Williamsburg; Jeff Dawson, trustee to Catherine J. Francis, $425,000.
112 Pintail Trace, Williamsburg; Arlene R. Stuven to Andrew Sarver, $235,000.
108 Plantation Road, Williamsburg; Linda L. Bell to James E. Wesson Jr., $290,000.
4001 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Larry Boger, $278,750.
1803 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Ruth Faulk to Alexander Salcedo, $300,000.
136 Red Berkshire, Williamsburg; Christopher P. Bruck, trustee to John R. Briggs, $789,000.
125 Richard Burbydge, Williamsburg; Betty E. Wagner, trustee to Eric H. Umstead, $542,000.
3121 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Eilene Jones to John F. Dunn Jr., $223,000.
9609 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Anthony Farmer Jr., $374,845.
9613 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Alison Trautman Nagy, $401,210.
105 Royal North Devon, Williamsburg; Fred W. Ritchie, trustee to Marie J. Phillips, $550,000.
105 Royal Sydney, Williamsburg; Carole Burroughs McNeel, successor trustee to Robert J. Stahlhut, $540,000.
8305 Sheldon Branch Place, Toano; John B. Leach to Jaysen Ryberg, $415,000.
8440 Sheldon Branch Place, Toano; Kacey Jackson to Logun Baily, $364,000.
117 Southeast Trace, Williamsburg; James Fleming to Danielle Goncalves, $319,000.
3712 South Square, Williamsburg; Nancy E. Keane to Danny Raye Allen, $469,000.
6271 St. Johns Wood, Williamsburg; Donna L. Dechirico to Richard L. Smethurst, $400,000.
102 N Stocker Court, Williamsburg; Michael D. Formica to Robin B. George, $545,350.
813 Tahoe Trail, Williamsburg; Janet Claire Brantley to Cindy Gregg, $218,000.
4116 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Philip Edward Mazzeo, trustee, $423,140.
Published Jan 15, 2022
The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…
The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…
The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…
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