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Jan 23, 2023
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Jan 31, 2023
Simon Doyle
City of Kingston
Creative Brief
Development of The City of Kingston Council’s Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan
Date  23 January 2023
1 .    Background
Following a Notice of Motion (10.3) from the November 2021 Council meeting, Council and key stakeholders examined current policies and guidelines on the process and delivery of public art and identified several gaps in relation to Council’s strategic readiness to deliver a high number of prominent public art outcomes with specific reference to Patterson River but also more broadly across the municipality.[1] It is within this context that Council has endorsed the development of a revised Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan.
2.    Project Overview
Initial collaboration with the City of Kingston will provide strategic direction for the preparation of a consultation and engagement plan. During this process key internal and external stakeholders will be identified.
An action research approach involving community consultation, key stakeholder consultation, local and industry research will engender a comprehensive and layered analysis of stakeholder and community priorities relating to the implementation and delivery of public art within the municipality. Consultation will specifically need to test the Patterson River location for public art investment as per the aforementioned Notice of Motion.
The overall aim of the consultation process will be to gather information, for example, through workshops with internal stakeholders, community information sessions and/or Council generated feedback forms (online/hardcopy). Engagement findings will be collated in the form of a report which will then be used to inform the development of the draft Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan.
Draft policies will be presented to key stakeholders for review and feedback. Once finalised, a formal consultation and presentation to Councillors will be undertaken to obtain their endorsement of the documents. The consultant will be responsible for communicating the revised documents to those impacted within Council. Once the policies have been understood and approved by internal stakeholders, they will be implemented and released to the public via the Kingston Arts website.

3 .    Key Insights
a.    The City of Kingston’s current Public Art Policy, adopted in September of 2015, is no longer reflective of the current complexities for public art standards and requires renewal to support the delivery of high-quality prominent public art outcomes through a future focused Public Art Program
b.    Community consultation during the renewal of policies will ensure the best possible experience of public art for local residents and visitors to the Kingston municipality.
c.     The Public Art Policy will need to align with Council’s adopted investment commitment towards the Public Art Program, that being 2% of the Kingston capital budget for open space and building projects over $1,000,000 over the next 5 years
d.    A collaborative process between key Council departments, local arts organisations, Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) and members of the community will improve the clarity and consistency of the public art program’s direction
e.    The Public Art Strategic Placement Plan will provide Council with adopted guidance for public art investment across priority areas, spaces and projects for the municipality
f.      The Public Art Strategic Placement Plan will provide direction for expenditure of Council’s percentage commitment for art funds
4.    Assets and deliverables
                      I.        The Consultant will be required to work closely with key Council departments in Community Consultation. This includes but is not limited to:
a.    Coordination and facilitation of identified community engagement strategies
b.    Assistance in selecting locations for any face-to-face workshops and/or pop-ups
c.     Delivery of 3 physical workshop activities within the municipality
d.    Delivery of 1 physical or virtual workshop activity for Councillors
e.    Production of marketing material in collaboration with Council Marketing and Communications Team
f.      Ongoing liaison with key Council departments as required
                    II.        The following documents are to be developed during the consultation period in preparation of a draft Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan:
a.    Feedback survey for online and hard copy distribution
b.    Consultation Report
                   III.        The following documents are to be developed and presented for adoption by the July 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting:
a.    A Public Art Strategic Placement Plan
b.    A Public Art Policy 2023-2028
5.    Target Audience
The Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan will target a wide range of audiences living and working within the Kingston municipality. This includes Council departments, Councillors, ACAC, artists, local community groups and schools, the general public and private developers.
6 .    Messaging and tone
The revised policies will be communicated in an inclusive, clear, formal and professional tone. We want to strategically position Kingston Council to deliver best practice outcomes in the process, development and integration of public art.
7.    Asset Descriptions
                      I.        Feedback Survey
The Feedback Survey will directly relate to the public art program with questions directed on how the community currently perceive public art within the City of Kingston and how they would like to see it develop in the future. The Feedback Survey will be distributed in hard-copy during face-to-face engagement activities as well as digitally through the Kingston Arts website.
                    II.        Consultation Report
The Consultation Report will outline the consultation process undertaken and summarise participation and the feedback received following the face-to-face workshops and online engagement via the feedback survey. Information gathered will be used to inform the Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategic Placement Plan.
                   III.        Public Art Strategic Placement Plan
This document will provide the ability for Council to strategically identify and endorse key priority locations and priority major build project envelopes across the municipality for public art investment. The Strategic Placement Plan will highlight key aesthetic and artform outcome considerations for each location and/or more broadly across the municipality. This document will ensure that community’s expectations and outcomes are met with in relation to public art placement and investment. Pending consultation outcomes, the Plan is to highlight the Patterson River Art Trail as a priority location as outlined in the Notion of Motion.
                  IV.        Public Art Policy
The Public Art Policy will express the City of Kingston Council’s commitment to public art investment, detail what is in and out of scope with relation to public art, highlight different forms of what is considered public art by Council and reference any high level priority areas that relate to public art from consultation outcomes.
The Policy informs the Strategic Placement Plan. The purpose of the Public Art Policy is to provide a high level, succinct and forward-looking framework of guiding principles for the development, funding, management, implementation, delivery and promotion of public art that reflect best practice standards.
8.    Stakeholders
Councillors (All-Councillors will be offered the opportunity to attend a workshop)
Internal Stakeholders (All-Staff will be asked to participate via email)External Stakeholders (Community, City of Kingston’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee, Bunurong Land Council)
9.    Timeline
10.  Distribution process
The process to engage audiences that are interested in and involved in the development of the policies could be undertaken through community feedback sessions, community engagement pop-ups at events, online feedback survey forms advertised via Kingston Arts and Kingston Council websites, Council e-newsletters and social media including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hard copies to be available at local libraries and Kingston Arts Centre.
11.  To Apply
Please send a maximum 2 page response to the brief and detailed quotation to & by COB Tuesday 31 January.
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