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The University of Adelaide, also known as Adelaide University, is research-oriented. It is situated in Adelaide, South Australia. The university was founded in 1874 and is the 3rd oldest university in Australia.
The University of Adelaide has three faculties. Each of them has constituent schools. They are:
It is one of the members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Group of Eight. It is also considered a Sandstone university, primarily consisting of universities established in the colonial era within Australia.
The university offers programs in the following fields.
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The University of Adelaide offers multiple study programs for the Bachelor’s degree. Some of the popular programs are:
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The requirements for Bachelor’s studies at the University of Adelaide are given below:
Requirements for Bachelor’s at University of Adelaide
Entry Criteria
Applicant must have 65% in All India Senior Secondary Certificate (CBSE, New Delhi), Indian School Certificate (ISC), or 75% in ISBE [India]
Prerequisites: Chemistry, Math Studies, Physics
Marks – 79/120
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Detailed information about the Bachelor’s programs offered at the University of Adelaide is given below.
The Bachelor’s in Business offers the candidates an advantage in their career and creates commercial awareness with expertise in international business, management, or digital marketing and communications.
The curriculum focuses on strategic thinking, flexibility, and innovation. The degree prepares the candidate to lead in developing and transforming enterprises through their selected specialization.
The degree offers comprehensive knowledge of current issues of global business, data analysis, a study of business lifecycles, cultural diversity, and develops an entrepreneurial mindset. It streamlines career direction with one or more majors. The options are:
The candidates are provided the opportunity to enhance their abilities with real-world experience. The candidates can participate in an internship or industry project. They could also participate in the Tech eChallenge or Australian eChallenge. The students can also go on a study tour to Business School abroad.
The candidate is prepared to research and analyze various business problems, develop effective and evidence-oriented solutions, and promote sustainable and ethical business through inventive and strategic thinking.
The Bachelor’s in Food and Nutrition Science prepares the candidate to train and be inventive with food. The candidates are trained to:  
The students can find employment in public health advertising, formulating policies for food and nutrition resources, policies, and regulations. They can also study microbiology and boost the nutrient density of protein products that are plant-based. The candidates can also assume roles in education, food quality assurance, or waste management. They are eligible as an associate nutritionist or dietetics.
The Bachelor’s in Architectural Design hones skills and innovative thinking. The candidates are offered:
The graduates implement design skills in diverse careers and assume specialized roles after postgraduate study.
The Bachelor’s in Biotechnology combines science with some aspects of computer science and engineering. The candidates get to: 
The candidates can work on effective pharmaceutical drugs in the laboratory. They aid in the formulation and implementation of advanced techniques for predicting disease and its treatment.
The faculty, ranked in the 48th position in the world for engineering and computer science, offers the Bachelor’s in Information Technology degree. It emphasizes on business approaches, systems, and design thinking. The students can benefit from the University’s industry links and extensive research. The candidates can opt for either Cyber Security, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence as Majors.
The candidates gain an understanding of information and computer sciences. They develop skills in:
The majors have significant industry-focused internships or projects.
The University of Adelaide is ranked among the top 75 universities in the world for Earth Sciences and is considered the best in South Australia.
The Bachelor’s in Mineral Geoscience prepares the candidates for an engaging, diverse, and well-paid career in the energy and minerals sector. The candidates get to:
Bachelor’s in Marine and Wildlife Conservation
The Bachelor’s in Marine and Wildlife Conservation offers the candidate the expertise to conserve ecosystems and protect endangered organisms. The candidates will:
The Bachelor’s in Health and Medical Science supports candidates in developing essential and versatile skills sought in health industries and research. The candidates have the opportunity to:
The candidates can also pursue a specialization in any of the subjects:
The Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics has a unique structure in South Australia and is highly valued internationally. The candidates have the opportunity to:
The Bachelor’s in Creative Arts develops their own knowledge and creativity. The candidates get to:
The rankings of the University of Adelaide are given in the table below:
Ranking of University of Adelaide
Global rankings
QS World
THE World
ARWU World
US News World
CWTS Leiden World
Australian rankings
QS National
THE National
ARWU National
ARWU National
ARWU National
ARWU National
The University of Adelaide is considered one of Australia’s most reputed research-oriented universities. The candidates gain the best academic studies in their chosen discipline. They gain knowledge and skills to make an influential impact.
The employability rate is high for the University of Adelaide. It is South Australia’s No.1 University for graduate employability.
The University of Adelaide encourages striving for excellence, creativity, cultural diversity, and for graduates to become global citizens.
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