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I feel shame for South Africans who are fooled by politicians, especially the ANC and EFF as these two parties are no different.
Why don’t we just do away with grants and create jobs? So it’s true that an SA man would rather stand in a queue for five hours for a R350 monthly grant than look for a job that can pay him R3,000 a month.
EFF leader Julius Malema said the R350 grant is an insult to our people and he suggested R1,500 if he takes over the government.  Really? South Africans, especially black people, where are our brains? Are  we so in the dark to clap hands for grants instead of demanding that the government creates jobs?
Our children are drugged with nyaope but these parties say they are building the nation. In every rally they organise their topic is about how cruel apartheid was; however they don’t tell you the way forward.
The National Party government was the best in the world, they governed this country for more than 40 years with sanctions imposed on them but still kept up with the US dollar.
When the ANC took over, the dollar was equal to R5. Today it’s R17, and the unemployment rate is at a massive 34% compared to 20.5% in 1994.
Amos Motloding, Jamela Village, Limpopo
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