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So it looks like Keiser University’s move from for-profit to non-profit may be part of a new trend.
As I reported Wednesday, the non-profit Boca Raton-based Everglades University has bought the Fort Lauderdale based Keiser, effectively turning Keiser into a non-profit as well.
Remington College, which is based in the Orlando area, also made the switch this month to non-profit, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Remington has 19 campuses, mostly in the Southeastern United States, as well as a large online presence. It offers certificates as well as associates and bachelors degrees. It specializes in such areas as nursing, criminal justice and business administration.
For-profits have faced a lot of scrutiny in recent years, as U.S.and state government investigations have questioned their admissions and recruiting practices, as well as the high number of students defaulting on student loans. Remington has stayed under the radar, as the focus has been on the big names like Kaplan University, the University of Phoenix and Everest University.But Remington is obviously proud of its new non-profit status. Prominently featured on its website is the new slogan, “Non-profit. Non-traditional.”
Will Keiser follow suit with a similar advertising campaign? Industry critic Barmak Nassirian thinks so, since non-profit colleges have a better public image than for-profits. After all, Harvard, Yale and Duke are all non-profits.
“There is a marketing value that is quite significant,” said Nassirian, associate executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers. “I fully anticipate they will tout their non-profit status quite visibly.”
You can read more about the Remington conversion in the Chronicle article.
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