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George Santos reportedly competed as a drag queen under the name “Kitara” as more allegations about the congressman’s convoluted identity emerge. 
A newly-elected Republican congressman reportedly performed as a drag queen while living in Brazil more than a decade ago.
New York representative George Santos, who is facing calls to resign from Congress for fabricating parts of his life and resume, reportedly competed as a drag queen in 2008 under the name “Kitara”.
The revelations came from Eula Rochard, a Brazilian drag performer and former friend of Santos’, who claimed she befriended the now-congressman at a pride parade in 2005. 
Rochard provided a photo, obtained by The Handbasket, which purportedly shows Mr Santos dressed in a red-feathered drag outfit, sparkling accessories, and a wig.
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NEW: I just spoke by phone with Eula Rochard, a Brazilian drag queen who was friends with George Santos when he lived near Rio. She said everyone knew him as Anthony (*never* George), or by his drag name, Kitara, and confirms this photo is from a 2008 drag show at Icaraí Beach.
In a video also supplied by Rochard, Santos appears in an interview at a pride parade in Niteroi, listing prominent drag venues at which he did “presentations”. 
“I do presentations at 1940 in Jacarepagua, I do Cascadura, I also did Cabaret Casanova in Gloria and I did one at Le Boy,” he tells the interviewer in Portuguese. 
“The event is good, well-organized. I really love it.” 
Rochard said Santos used to go by the name of “Anthony” back then, possibly referring to his past aliases; Anthony Devolder and Anthony Zabrovsky.
The freshman congressman has since taken to Twitter to dismiss the allegations as an “obsession”.
I believe that “George Santos” looks better in drag but I would still hide the silverware if she/he were a guest.
“The most recent obsession from the media claiming that I am a drag queen or “performed” as a drag Queen is categorically false,” he wrote. 
The embattled congressman has been under increasing pressure to resign from Democrats and his fellow New York Republicans, after he was caught lying about his college education, work history and his Jewish heritage, among allegations of fraud.
In another claim exposed on Wednesday, Santos was found to have lied about his mother dying in the World Trade Center 9/11 attacks after New York Times analysed immigration records.
Santos has confessed to “embellishing” qualifications on his resume, admitting he wasn’t a graduate of New York University and never worked for financial firms Citigroup or Goldman Sachs.
However, Santos has denied any wrongdoing and is refusing to step down.
“I am not a criminal. Not here, not abroad, in any jurisdiction in the world have I ever committed any crimes,” Santos told WABC radio.
Santos is the first openly gay Republican to win a seat in congress as a non-incumbent.
Since being sworn in he has aligned himself with the far-right wing of the Republican Party and backed policies condemned by LGBTQI groups, such as Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
He is currently under investigation by federal and state prosecutors amid questions regarding his personal wealth, including how he acquired a $700,000 donation for his 2022 campaign.
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