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I have never really been a fan of franchise seafood outlets, but Ballito’s new Ocean Basket has managed to change that.
The venue is just outstanding. Do you remember the old Big Blue on the beachfront? It was a huge, ugly eyesore for many years. The new Big Blue is an asset to our town. The building is now stylish and modern with stunning decor. The view from the top deck is pretty unbeatable too.
Food-wise they have everything you would expect of a seafood franchise, but with a little bit extra that impressed me.
First off they have refreshing flavoured coolers. They are a soda water-based drink in different flavours. We had a carafe to share on the table, which thrilled the kids. Speaking of which, I was super impressed with the fact that for an upmarket venue they are really family friendly.
They have a banger of a kids menu that is also well priced. My kids gobbled up their fish bites and pizza.

For our mains I sampled the ocean platter (three prawns, calamari and fish). It’s a no-frills dish but cooked well. The prawns and calamari were tender and the fish moist and flaky.
Another platter I would reccomend is the mezze platter: fried halloumi, calamari, crumbed prawn tails, tzatziki, potato dippers, cucumber and Mediterranean Salsa.
My wife loved the salmon salad (seared salmon on a bed of cucumber with ginger and soy). This was the winning dish of the evening. She also had the calamari bowl, which I found a little underwhelming.
To finish off our meal we shared a fusion crunch sushi platter. Again my wife was thrilled but I on the other hand was not so much. But I think that was due to the fact I am more of a conventional sushi fan. But the sushi was fresh and well executed.
Service-wise the manager on the floor made the meal so enjoyable. He was amazingly helpful and really went the extra mile to make us comfortable.
A few of our local eateries could learn from him on what service should be like. Overall I could not have been happier, and I think with the view and relaxed yet chic ambiance they should do well.

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