Roman's Pizza charity drive raises R 1 million –

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“We are more than pleased with the outcome and it sets the tone for future endeavours,” says Roman’s Pizza marketing director Bonnie Lee. “Brand is increasingly realising that consumers are often genuinely attuned to and passionate about causes. Not only does linking a product to a worthy cause provide a sense of purpose for customers, but may also help consumers rationalise their spending.”
Lee feels that campaigns such as its Roman’s Cares campaign, also plays a substantial role in delivering positive internal brand gains and delivers a sense of purpose within an organisation bar commercially driven sensibilities. “Noting the organisational response to the campaign it was evident that employees and partners found the similar substance in the project, making it a personal cause and injecting fuel into other aspects of the business such as customer service. Benefits were felt throughout the business.”
Cause-related marketing is said to deliver a win-win for both brand and consumer, because while it provides an opportunity to show the softer side of a business, it also allows customers to participate in a socially responsible project and for a worthy cause to benefit. In fact, it is every brand’s responsibility to engage in at least one cause-related campaign annually.
Matla a Bana will use half of the R1 million raised to open three child-friendly facilities around South Africa and the balance will be leveraged in a double-up challenge to be hosted across community radio stations until the end of July.


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