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Less than two decades ago, marketing mainly took place in a form of print, radio and television. Jump forward to today, and those kingdoms have been dwarfed by the rise of Digital Marketing. This change in the way society consumes and sources information has required a deep analysis and understanding of how traffic can be optimized and directed to a website. For the uninitiated, this science is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and one man revolutionizing this field is Ross Kernez.
With over 10 years of experience, Ross has worked in the field of Digital Marketing across a broad range of industries including IT, Healthcare, Advertising, and an ongoing list of cutting-edge high-profile projects. His ability to identify and leverage opportunities in the world of algorithms, ranking indexes and web-crawlers is second to none. That accumulated knowledge is a highly sought-after commodity in a world where information and data is king, and those who ignore it exist with little or no digital footprint. A failure to be digitally visible is therefore a failure to do business, and that is why Ross’ events are so valuable.
Unlike paid search ads, people can’t pay search engines to get higher organic search rankings. This is where experts like Ross enter the fray. Globally, humans conduct billions of searches every day and Ross understands how to achieve rich results in this ever-growing eco-system. It is the founding principle behind his enormously successful concept SEO Meet Up, which succeeds through the basic belief that businesses and people need to connect in a digital realm.
Realizing that many digital marketers are a demographic which habitually yearns for the human connections that are vital to networking, SEO Meet Up fills an inescapable void. An NYC-based growth marketing professionals’ group that has over 2000 members, it has quickly become an essential gathering on the SEO calendar. His monthly events provide a space for digital marketers to meet new people in their field who are willing to exchange ideas, make connections, explore partnerships, find employees, and make new friends.
Active networking is vital to career growth and through his monthly events, Ross is providing an environment where the latest trends and advances in techniques can benefit the group as a whole. In a world where the competitive edge is driven by ego, Meet Up is hosting occasions where the collaborative and engaged individuals are leading the way.
Utilizing his influence as a leader in his field, Ross also shares his insights through his own education program. Hosting and teaching people through his illuminating online webinars, his reputation as a visionary and a man who can fundamentally change the approach to digital strategy is growing day by day.
He understands that communication is key and that a digital construct is underpinned by the common languages we speak. This is one of the many reasons why he has been a part of team on Search Engine project ‘Grace’ and more recently employed as Director of Search Marketing for HPOne; one of the fastest-growing sales and marketing healthcare companies in the health insurance marketplace.
So no matter the industry you work in, if you need to understand the world of SEO, Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy, you should chose to seek out the guidance of Ross Kernez, the founder of SEO Meetup.

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