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by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Nov 07, 2022
The South African Social Security Agency also called Sassa has apologized to gold card beneficiaries who could not withdraw their grants from post offices. This comes after South African Post Office (Sapo) outlets experienced system glitches that impacted all Postbank customers wishing to make over-the-counter payments, deposits, and withdrawals. According to Sassa, grants can be withdrawn at any retail outlet that offers the cashback option, including Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay, and Boxer. Grant recipients can also use the gold cards to make purchases anywhere that accepts bank card transactions. The Sassa gold cards are fully integrated into the national payments system, just like any other bank card.
Interim Postbank CEO Lucas Ndala apologized for the inconvenience caused.
"We apologize to Sassa grants beneficiaries and Postbank customers for the inconvenience caused as we take every service interruption seriously," said Ndala.
"Our IT teams have been tasked to resolve the technical challenges affecting over-the-counter branch transactions as a matter of urgency. Therefore, all customers are advised to use retailers and ATMs as alternatives while we work on restoring full-service availability."
He said Postbank would send out a notification when the matter was resolved.
Acting Sassa CEO Abraham Mahlangu said: "Sassa uses a fully functional bank card that is compatible with all access points within the national payment system, thereby limiting the impact on clients when the system of one bank, merchant, or pay point is down."
Millions of South Africans rely on government social grants to purchase essential goods and services on a monthly basis. However, these grant recipients have not been able to receive their grant funds as usual. The South African Social Security Agency also known as Sassa has requested that recipients of permanent grants make alternative arrangements when collecting their funds. This is due to a system glitch at pay points, which prevents grants from being paid. Sassa distributes approximately 18 million permanent social grants per month. The Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Care Grant, Grant in Aid, War Veterans Grant, and Care Dependency Grant are among the permanent grants.
Every month, permanent grants are distributed during the first week of the month. Many recipients of these grants pick them up at a South African Post Office (SAPO) branch. However, they will be unable to collect their grants at a Post Office this week due to Sapo system issues. According to the agency, grant recipients who have Sassa gold cards can collect their funds at retailers and ATMs. Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay, and Boxer are the retail outlets.
"Sassa Grants recipients can also use the Sasssa gold cards to make purchases at any place that accepts bank card transactions as the SASSA gold cards function fully within the national payments system similar to any other bank card," added the agency.
The Post Bank has apologized to all social grant recipients for the inconvenience caused by the technical issues and will notify the public when the issues have been resolved.
The SASSA gold cards work like any other commercial authenticated card as approved by the South African Reserve Bank, beneficiaries must know that it is safe, with all necessary safeguard to keep all their money in their accounts.
Dial *120*69277# on your phone. Follow each step. You should then get an SMS notification.
Among them is the submission of incorrect bank details when applying or applicants changing their banking without notifying Sassa about it.
If a SASSA card is lost or stolen, call the help desk immediately on 0800 600 160 to STOP the card
SASSA cards will soon be replaced and the agency has given more details on this matter. SASSA has made it clear that SASSA cards will still be valid after 31 March 2021.


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