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SASSA social grant payment dates for December 2020
SASSA has recently released a payment schedule for the month of December, and are as follows:
SASSA Social Grant Payment dates for the month of January 2021

SA’s latest Covid-19 statistics as of 3 January

I only received R1100 that was it (July & August) July was 350 and August 750…
I have not received any income for 350 sdr grant since I applied in may ,they say my application is declined due to Nasfas registration but I don’t receive any income from Nasfas and I’m unemployed 😔😔😔
I am querying about my SRD GRANT, I received only in the monhh of June and October, the grant was to be for 6months but I only received 2 payments how and when can I get the balance that’s owing to me for the months of July, August September, it’s now November and I haven’t received anything, that is owing to me nor have I received any sms or text from sassa please inform me about this as sassa made that ruling of giving out SRD Grants for 6 months, yet I only got for 2 months.
I hope we will be paid on the 3rd of December 2020
I ask government to continue to pay this 350 because we are too much hunger. Yes is too small but better than nothing.
I didn’t get Sassa grant of this month(November) because of irp5 registered I didn’t work at all
And what about the social relief grant? Is that also the 3rd
Goeie dag waneer Kan ek weer heraansoek doen vir sassa desibelity grand
We are grateful for the grant but why not extend the 500r.these people around me receiving the 350r are using it for drugs instead of food
It’s not fair for children
Just want to know if disability grant is only to December then i must reapply again for January
I didn’t receive anything since I started registering in October
MMy soni receive a disability grant i went on the 2nd it says available bal R1860 but shoprite post office and the bank say there is no funds but the slip show the amount what do i do
Someone please explain the payment dates so for November the payout date was on 1 Dec and what’s the payout for December because if the payout is in Jan that means December payment was skipped. Please clarify this this is confusing since they changed the dates no one seems to know what goes with the grant payout anymore.
I just want to know I apply in June for the R350 but iam still waiting on it but I see alot of people getting it why not me
When are we receiving R350 for December
This is annoying and disgusting, I have send my Banking Details since from July 2020, until this today they haven’t respond. I have queue from 4 hrs am, until 3:30 hrs pm. without getting your R350.00. they will cut the line and send you home without getting payment.
My dad hasn’t received his Covid 19 relief grant. We went to the post office and they are saying he is owing an amount of R600 and something for using the post office, and it’s been 3 years since he hasn’t been working
My dad hasn’t received his Covid 19 relief grant they say it is due to him owing the Post office . We were depending on the 350 and with the unemployment rate so high its hard
I did not receive any yet. I applied in October. Status say approved. But have not received yet.
How possible I get decline for December pay for relief grant and the reason state “uif registered “yet I have been unemployed for 7years and the previous month was receiving the R350 pay accordingly


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