SASSA Social Grant Payments for the month of April 2021 – GO! and Express


SASSA Social Grant April 2021
SASSA has recently released a payment schedule for the month of April 2021, and are as follows:
How in heavens name can Sassa make pensioners (or anyone) wait until the 6th of the month for their money. It is NOT RIGHT
Indeed, the 6th? What is happening at sassa? Another we used to check our balance via the USSD Code now it is not working and no one cares to supply info or update. Of course I don’t expect a response, who am I.
How long did the application for older persons take to finish. I wait all long and wait for income from sassa only pending
Why did SASSA change our pension payment dates from the 1’st of the month till now the 6th. Can we get answers please?


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