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The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has asked recipients who have not received their R350 Covid-19 relief grant payment for May to wait a little longer.
This comes after frustrated recipients questioned the agency on why it issued a payment schedule for its other grants in June‚ instead of first addressing the burning issue of payments for this month.
The R350 social relief grant is meant for unemployed citizens and qualifying foreign citizens during the lockdown.
Sassa how can you talk about next month while we haven't recieved our 350s?
— God' Olishunqintuthu-ZN (@Nja_jobeh67) May 26, 2020

Social grant payment dates for June 2020 #SASSACARES @The_DSD @GovernmentZA @GCISMedia
— SASSA (@OfficialSASSA) May 26, 2020

Since i ddnt get the R350 for May does dis mean i wil get the back pay for may,cos its ur fault,not mine i did everything in time last month bt til now dololo R350
— Vuyisa (@Vuyisa76379195) May 26, 2020

Addressing the issue‚ Sassa told those who have not received payments that they may have to wait a little longer.
The agency apologised for the delays‚ saying that not all payments went through the same day‚ but they will go through at some point this month.
“Payments were made from May 15‚ meaning not all payments will go through today but certainly this month.
“If you have gone through the application process‚ please wait for a response from Sassa. It takes a bit of time but you will be contacted. We will revert back to you whether your application is successful or not.”
On Monday‚ Sassa apologised after only 10 people were paid the R350 relief grant.
In a statement‚ Sassa spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said Sassa CEO Totsie Memela extended an “unreserved apology to those inconvenienced by the slower than expected process”.
Letsatsi said that the 10 people were used “to test the efficacy of the payment mechanism”.
“These delays proved to be worth it‚ given the number of applicants that could be excluded during the process as they are either in receipt of social grants or UIF‚ two factors which expressly disqualify applicants from receiving this grant‚” he said.
By: Unathi Nkanjeni
Source: ARENA Holdings.
I applied for covid 350 grand on April and I’m still not approved it’s pending how long must I wait?
What a waste of time and lies for the people who really need it.SASSA YOU need to up your game…..
Since I’ve applied in the begining of May well i havnt recieved my R350 this month of May I’ll be waiting for R700 which is the money that will cover for May and June . As a 100% South African Citizen i am currently unemployed , and so i had to borrow money in order for me to be able to survive during the lockdown.
Thank you
Ive since received the message that application was approved and i need to provide my banking information.The link provided to submit banking info does not work
I applied for covid-19 Distress Grant on the 14/05/2020, But if I check my application status, the outcome says: PENDING. So what must I do now?
I received a ID number from SASSA for the relief payment of R350, my question is where do I go draw or collect the money
I have been approved and given an ID correspondence with Sassa. I do not receive any further communication from them. I told them I do not have bank details but they allowed me to continue with my application and was approved. How long should I wait from them for direction then.
I receive otp code I don’t know what to do
Iced been approved an i gave my bank details, so when do i get paid ?
Hi, I was approved on the 27 May for the Srd grant, and still did not receive any payments.My banking details were given
I received a link but when i submit My banking details it says failed and my other problem is that the cell number i used to apply for social reliëf distress grant is not the same cell number i opened my Tyme bank account with , so my question is can that disqualify me?
My application was submitted, and now i get pending and a ID number of 6 digits anyone know what that means as I’m confused, help i need some answers from anyone
I applied for R350 and l was approved but still l haven’t received any money why?
Registered on may 11 but still haven’t updated even banking details it says pending for what cos iam not employed this guys are playing games here.
I was approved last month on the 24 but still today I haven’t received any money why
I have been approved on the 23 may and i did send my banking details. I havent been paid they even confirm my banking details but still dololo R350. If i may ask for those who didn’t receive payment for may does this mean they will get double or they will be paid until November?
I was approved on 23 may but still havent receive the 350 can sassa please explain to us what is going on.
I didnt get this 350 but they ask for my bank details
Hi I need help am trying to check my status it says my reference number associated with this phone number and the one provided do not match please check to make sure you have correct form reference..what should I do to fix. This?
Hi am Moloko I need help am trying to check my application it say the reference number associated with this phone number andd the one provided do not match what should I do to fix this?
My mom’s status says approved she was sent a message with a link to follow so that she can send her banking details but she deleted that message by mistake she doesn’t know what to do now for her to send her banking details
I went through the process over a month ago sent my bank account number because it was approved but still haven’t received any money.
I have been waiting since April upto to know it’s already June month end for that matter, for how long are we people supposed to be waiting for the money, I need this money sassa grant people please do something
My payment status says approved and the money was apparently payed on the 20th of June , but i haven’t received any amount in my bank account as yet…..
Ive been waiting ever since nd ive been approved my pay date was on the 17th nw its toowards mnth end i dunno wats going on
Hi i applied for the r350 about 2 montgs ago i gave all my information and got send a message to upload my bank details after tha a month has gone by and still nothing. If the grant was there to help people that are unemployed how do they survive if they did bot get anything yet.
The question here is are they still going to be payments or should we just forget about the 350 because my status says Aproved and I provided the with my banking details but nothing is happening when we go to the post office they told me am not on there system some one anybody from SASSA please answer us
I’m so sick of waiting for my sassa money it’s showing approved for July August September still pending and I got no payment date
I am owed from September. .October and November. .
But no response from Sassa!!
Some of us really need this money..
How is it that people around me are receiving theirs on time while I feel like I’m begging for mine! !!
Come on Sassa respond to us!!
Hy my name is Mduduzi since Nov l haven’t received my payment it’s approved but no date please help me


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