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The business of being an internet star is complicated. 
Social-media influencers once made the bulk of their earnings from sponsored posts. Now, they turn to a variety of revenue streams to make money.
Some creators, like Addison Rae Easterling or Emma Chamberlain, are launching direct-to-consumer product lines. YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) launched a national burger chain late last year.
Other social-media stars are licensing their image and IP to toy makers, retailers, and legacy media companies.
Child star Ryan Kaji drove hundreds of millions of dollars in sales last year by turning his toy-focused YouTube channel into a suite of products sold on Walmart and Target shelves. And YouTube stars have landed content deals with streaming platforms like Netflix or legacy TV networks like the Food Network.
Creators who got their start on social media are building full-fledged media companies with dozens of employees tied to their personal brand. And they’re hiring a wave of attorneys at legacy and newcomer law firms to protect their business interests at the negotiating table and in court.
“[Content creators] have an incredible amount of leverage because they actually built their own audiences and they own their own distribution channel,” said Anita K. Sharma, founding managing partner at Sharma Law, which represents internet stars like TikToker Brad Mondo and YouTube creator Joshua Weissman. “We’re basically general counsel for each talent, and each talent is their own business. Whatever comes up, we handle.”
Insider is compiling a list of the top lawyers who work in the creator industry. The list will be determined by Insider based on our reporting and the nominations that we receive. We will take into consideration an attorney’s clients, deal list, accomplishments, and reputation in the influencer industry.
We want to hear from you. Who are the law firms and attorneys that have been the most effective at working with creators in the past year?
Please submit your ideas through this form (or below) by April 14:
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