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By Adedapo Adesanya  
Social media marketing is expected to weather the impending downturn just as economists around the world are warning that a recession is looming.
According to marketing expert and CEO of the AMD Consulting group, Mr Assil Dayri, as the world moves toward more significant economic uncertainty, influencer marketing will remain a key differentiator for brands.
The latest social trends reports predict that social media will top marketing budgets in 2023 as marketers turn to new strategies. Business plans already consider the imminent recession, and the marketing and social media sectors would be the first to see reduced resources, although work carried out by influencers through these channels is still on the rise. With this financial uncertainty, marketing investments will probably decrease, but brands will have to be smart since a total cut is not a viable option.
According to the specialist, influencer marketing is essential for the consumer, who will also feel the impacts of this economic instability.
“After all, as these difficulties settle in, the public turns to content producers they trust to seek references on where to safely put their money. Collaborating with key personalities to promote your brand will become even more essential based on the trust and credibility they have.
“In tough economic times, you don’t want to make any mistakes when selecting the influencers you work with. One of the great advantages of working with influencers is that regardless of the size of the brand or the audience you want to reach, there are nano, micro or macro influencers who are skilled at reaching that target market and can work within your budget,” he said.
Recent research shows that more brands are finding success with smaller influencers, thanks to their hyper-focused audience with very specific interests. Since smaller influencers are seen as more genuine and trustworthy, their followers tend to put more faith in the products or services they promote.
Consumers also begin to have less confidence in macro influencers, as they understand how many of them think more about the financial aspect and not the value that the brands they promote bring to the public.
It was noted that Instagram still leads the influencer marketing space in terms of professionals using the platform, as well as the amount of budget they invest. However, with the significant growth that TikTok is seeing, the specialist warned that we could see a shift soon as more brands are now entering the TikTok space.
To prepare for these changes, influencers need to find ways to make their content relevant and genuine. Considering the cut in marketing budgets, we could see in the next year, Influencers need to be consistent and creative to be chosen to collaborate with brands in these uncertain times.
“Being faithful to your niche and producing quality content to have a solid, strong, and influential image becomes essential because companies will start being even more selective,” Mr Dayri added.
On the positive side, this line of work is still on the rise. Even with the recession, the world still needs influencers. Mr Dayri predicts that brands will continue to invest in influencer marketing in 2023 despite the economic downturn and revised marketing budgets. Influencer partnerships help reduce overall marketing costs and allow businesses to build more brand awareness.
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By Modupe Gbadeyanka
The waste management task force of Oyo State has given out a phone number residents of the state can call for the immediate evacuation of wastes in their areas, 070 0080 0700, for inquiries on waste management.
This is as the state government has affirmed its readiness to meet the waste management needs of residents during the festive season.
The leader of the task force, Mrs Aderonke Adedayo, speaking in Ibadan on Christmas eve, said the team would consolidate Mottainai Recycling Limited’s year-round vision of establishing a cleaner and healthier Oyo State.
She added that bearing in mind the anticipated increase in waste generation during the period, the task force would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the season was celebrated in a clean environment.
She further revealed that the team would partner with the consultant to intensify the distribution of Mottainai Accredited Franchisees (MAFs) to the nooks and crannies of the state.
Mrs Adedayo stated that the MAFs, otherwise known as PSP operators, had been mandated to work round the clock in their assigned areas of operation, while Mottainai would provide backup trucks.
She also reiterated that PSP operators operating within the state who refuse to adhere to the Zero Waste Initiative of the state government led by Mr Seyi Makinde would be dealt with.
Mrs Adedayo added that unregistered PSPs caught while evacuating wastes will forfeit their trucks, while they risk six months imprisonment.
The team leader enjoined all citizens not to throw their refuse indiscriminately on the median, saying it gives the state a dirty appearance, encouraging residents to wait for their MAFs/PSPs to collect their refuse or call the emergency number.
Also speaking, the Managing Director of Mottainai Recycling, Mr Adey Adewuyi, stated that the agency recently put out emergency numbers to enable residents to reach out to them when there is a service gap.
Mr Adewuyi added that phone numbers published are also for the purpose of monitoring the situation of the environment during the yuletide, appealing to residents to desist from acts capable of making life miserable for the environment and its inhabitants.
He equally urged motorists to drive with caution to safeguard the lives of street sweepers and other service providers who would be discharging their duties during this period.
By Adedapo Adesanya
President Muhammadu Buhari has delivered what is his last Christmas speech as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
In the speech delivered on Saturday, December 24, 2022, he tasked Nigerians to put their differences while hailing the performance of his administration in the last seven years since he took office on May 29, 2015.
I heartily rejoice with our Christian brothers and sisters on the occasion of this year’s Christmas.
Many of us look forward to this festive season as a time to travel, share gifts, spend quality time with family and friends, attend special carols and events, and generally relive the good moments of the year.
In whatever circumstances we find ourselves, Christmas is a period when we come together to rejoice and set aside our differences.
For me and my family, this year’s celebration is unique. It is my last as your elected President. Twenty-two weeks from now, this administration will hand over to another.
In the last seven years, I have had the privilege of receiving members of the Federal Capital Territory community on Christmas homage, except the year the COVID-19 pandemic denied us that opportunity. I will fondly remember them as my benevolent landlords and friendly neighbours.
It is crucial that I remember this about my closest neighbours because there is no better way for us to celebrate Christmas as a people than showing genuine love, care, compassion and empathy for one another.
We must never lose sight of the symbiotic relationship between Christmas and hope; Jesus Christ and humility, and Christianity and grace.
In this season of love, joy and peace, let us not fail to remember those who really wish to celebrate but are constrained in one way or the other by reaching out to them.
Together we can make this celebration a spectacular one by renewing our pledge and common resolve to work for the unity and prosperity of our dear country.
Until my last day in office, I will continue to provide political and material support to sub-national governments, the Armed Forces, institutions and individuals working wholeheartedly for the peace, unity, stability and progress of Nigeria.
The advances we have made so far on the economic front, especially in infrastructure; food security, anti-corruption, security, and energy sufficiency, among others, will need to be built on.
This joyous season has coincided with the period of campaigns to usher in a new administration. I urge you to be circumspect and vote for those that will maintain the momentum we have created for the greater good of the country.
It is another opportunity to show the rest of the world that Nigeria is indeed ready to consolidate its democratic credentials as has been noted in international circles. Let the peace and joy that pervade this period continue well into the new year up to the elections in February and beyond.
I want to assure Nigerians that those who violently seek to disrupt the peace of our nation have lost the battle.
Our country is blessed with a wealth of human and material resources.
Let’s celebrate our blessings this season with the trust that a better dawn awaits Nigeria.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Muhammadu Buhari,
December 24, 2022.
By Modupe Gbadeyanka
The vice chairman and chief executive officer of Max Air, Mr Bashir Mangal, is dead.
The businessman, according to a statement, died in the early hours of Friday, December 23, 2022, after a brief illness.
However, the nature of the illness was not disclosed in the statement issued by the media consultant to Max Air.
“Inna lillahi wa inna Ilaihi rajiun, this is to announce the death of our beloved brother Alhaji Bashir Barau Mangal Vice Chairman/ CEO Max Air in the early hours of today, Friday 23rd December 2022. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus,” the notification read.
It was gathered that the remains of the deceased have been buried according to Islamic rites at his hometown in Katsina State.
Mr Mangal was the younger brother of the business mogul and Chairman of Max Air, Mr Dahiru Bara’u Mangal.
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