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Run off the road by McDonald’s and Burger King – but Wimpy had a special place in our hearts in the past
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When the American fast food revolution came to English shores, it wasn't through today's heavyweights like McDonald's and Burger King – it was through Wimpy.
The first Wimpy restaurant came to London in the mid-50s, and exploded in popularity soon after, covering the UK with its cheap and cheerful food.
Derby once had a Wimpy – and Long Eaton had one right up until 2015.

Chronicle Live came across a Wimpy menu from the 1970s, showing all your old favourites, and how much they used to cost.
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The base Wimpy burger was 16-and-a-half pence – remember the unpopular half penny after decimalisation?
Polish it off with a 17p Brown Derby and an 8p Coca Cola, and you've had a good 70s fast-food experience.
Those prices might seem dirt cheap to you now, but remember how much people earned back then – in 1972 the average weekly wage was a little over £36.
If the classic burger doesn't suit your taste, why not try the famous Wimpy Bender – a curly sausage in a burger bun?
And for a more upmarket drink – try the infamously thick Whippsy milkshakes.
Something else unusual for a fast food restaurant these days is a minimum charge for eating in. You can see it at the bottom of the menu – you needed to spend 20p or more during peak times.
The golden age of Wimpy wouldn't last into the modern day though – when McDonald's saw its success in the UK, they came sniffing.
McDonald's first set up shop in London in 1974, and more American competitors arrived soon after, like Burger King in 1976.
Wimpy had a long, slow decline in the decades to follow, from having hundreds of restaurants across the country to just 67 across the UK today.
If you're curious to see how Wimpy is getting on today, you had better jump in the car – the closest branch to Derby city centre is in Milford, just outside Stafford.
What do you remember about Wimpy restaurants when you were younger? Comment below, or talk to us on social media.
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