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Postpartum nurses provide physical and emotional medical care to mothers and newborns following a … [+] birth.
In addition to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report, the career-focused social media site offers the 2022 LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list. These are the 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past five years, which also look to be the jobs of the future. If you are looking for fast-growing opportunities, take a look at this list to see if you’d be interested in pivoting or reinventing your career to one of these positions. 
Similar titles include vaccine sales manager, vaccine expert, vaccine coordinator, vaccine administrator or vaccine development lead.
Vaccine specialists may work in the research, development, production or distribution of vaccines, though many of the jobs are found in medical and pharmaceutical sales experience. 

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Diversity and inclusion managers lead teams of people supporting company initiatives related to increasing diversity, equity and belonging within an organization.

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Customer marketing managers often sit between sales and marketing departments, helping develop and execute programs that drive client engagement, such as awards and events. 

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Machine learning engineers develop and implement self-running artificial intelligence algorithms and systems for products and applications.

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Similar titles include product development scientist or manufacturing scientist.
Process development scientists research and develop better ways to manufacture products and streamline existing operational processes. 

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Business development representatives are usually early-career salespeople responsible for identifying and reaching out to prospective clients.

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Similar titles include paid search manager or search engine marketing (SEM) manager.
Search marketing managers develop paid search campaigns across digital channels to promote adoption of a product or service.

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User experience researchers track user motivations, preferences and behaviors to help inform business strategy and product development. 

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Similar titles include computer systems administrator or network administrator.
Business system administrators are responsible for installing and maintaining a company’s hardware and software systems. 

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Similar titles include industry analyst relations manager or investor relations analyst.
Analyst relations specialists act as liaisons with industry analysts or independent research and consulting firms, connecting them with a company’s internal marketing team or senior leadership.

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Technical product managers are often more specialized than standard product managers, focusing more on how a strategy is implemented by engineering teams and the technology required. See open jobs
Similar titles include talent attraction specialist or recruiting specialist. See open jobs
Heads of financial planning lead teams that create budgets, forecasts and business analyses within a company. See open jobs 
Surgical intensive care nurses provide care to patients who are critically ill after surgery, usually following complex procedures like open heart or lung surgery, often working within specialized trauma units. See open jobs
Back-end developers build and code the server-side technology that powers front-end web and mobile applications. See open jobs  
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) managers evaluate potential opportunities to purchase or merge with another company, overseeing transaction processes which span financial planning, scoping, closing and integration management.  See open jobs
Postpartum nurses provide physical and emotional medical care to mothers and newborns following a birth. See open jobs
Enterprise account directors sell to and support new customers, in addition to managing relationships with existing clients. See open jobs
Customer solutions engineers provide consultancy and technical solutions to prospective or existing customers to support the sales process. See open jobs
Land development managers oversee residential, commercial or industrial construction projects from initial planning phases through completion; organizing development processes and schedules as well as engineering tasks. See open jobs
Site reliability engineers create and implement automated software tools to maximize a system’s reliability and efficiency, working closely with software development and IT operations. See open jobs
Molecular biologists study, research and perform laboratory experiments to understand cell function and behavior. See open jobs
Heads of sales operations lead departments that optimize the sales process  in order to increase effectiveness, help identify growth opportunities and implement improved forecasting. See open jobs
Strategic sales specialists develop processes across sales organizations with responsibilities including market research, competitive strategy, forecasts and business growth recommendations. See open jobs
Chief human resources officers develop and execute the HR strategy and direction of an organization, particularly in areas of talent acquisition, organizational management and training and development. See open jobs


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