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59% of the world’s total population uses social media
According to DataReportal, the number of global social media users reached a whopping 4.70 billion in July 2022, which is 59% of the world’s total population. It suggests why 92.1% of US marketers (in companies with over 100 employees) are expected to leverage social media for marketing purposes in 2022, Statista reports.
DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, determined the best social media marketing agencies that help organizations reach and convert their social audiences successfully.
The top social media marketing agencies in September are:
1. Neighbourhood –
Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and more
2. 10plusbrand –
Expertise: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more
3. Highway 61 –
Expertise: Social Media Management, Social Media Design, Social Media Advertising and more
4. Multi Marketing USA –
Expertise: Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Digital Marketing Consultation and more
5. Sotavento Medios –
Expertise: Display Ads Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing and more
6. Phase 3 Marketing & Communications –
Expertise: Media Planning & Buying, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing and more
7. EloQ Communications –
Expertise: Community Management, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing and more
8. Agency Squid –
Expertise: Market Research, Digital Marketing, Storytelling and more
9. Dos Mundos Creative –
Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content Production, Video Production and more
10. Henry Web Solutions –
Expertise: Web Design, Web Hosting, Social Media Management and more
11. Digithy –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and more
12. Blink Digital Consulting –
Expertise: Copywriting, Social Media Management, Marketing Analytics and more
13. Create Element –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, Web Design and more
14. Orange Slice Marketing –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Photo & Video Content Development and more
15. Texas Business Analytics –
Expertise: PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and more
16. California SEO Service –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, PPC Management, SEO and more
17. –
Expertise: Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising and more
18. Anytime Digital Marketing –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more
19. Pravaah Consulting –
Expertise: Social Media Management & Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing and more
20. Blue Water Marketing –
Expertise: eCommerce SEO, eCommerce Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Product Photography and more
21. ShyftUp –
Expertise: App Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Creative Design and more
Brands can explore the top social media marketing agencies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.
About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies through expert reviews and agency ranking lists, awards, knowledge resources and personalized agency recommendations for vetted projects.
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