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With more and more entrepreneurs and businesses choosing to set up shop in the country, the startup ecosystem in The Netherlands’ is on the rise. One of the reasons the Netherlands is such a great place for startups is the robust support system that’s in place. 
The country has several accelerators and incubators that offer mentorship, funding, and resources to help startups grow. The government is also supportive of the startup ecosystem, with many initiatives and programmes aimed at boosting entrepreneurship.
Numerous successful startups have already come out of the Netherlands, and the ecosystem is only getting stronger. With the right mix of factors, the Netherlands is poised to become a leading European startup hub. 
LinkedIn, the social network for job seekers, professionals, and businesses, published The 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list, revealing ten emerging Dutch companies gaining attention this year. 
LinkedIn has compiled the fourth annual Top Startups list based on four factors – employee growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement within the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled talent. 

“This list is ultimately meant to be a resource for jobseekers excited by the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems, and grow their skills. So if joining a startup is the right fit for you, check out which roles, functions, and skills are in demand at each company — and click on them to find the associated LinkedIn Learning courses to study up,” says LinkedIn.
In this article, we have listed out the Amsterdam-based startups mentioned in the 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list.
Founder/s: Michiel Muller, Frederik Nieuwenhuys, Joris Beckers, and Bas Verheijen
Most common skills: Digital Literacy, Software Development, Communication
Largest job functions: Operations, Engineering, Information Technology 
Picnic is an Amsterdam-based online supermarket platform that delivers groceries at home for free. Through the company’s innovative concept, they could offer the same products at the same price as regular supermarkets but deliver them right to their customers’ doors. Picnic controls the entire supply chain and works closely with local suppliers. More than 1.000 little cars are driving around delivering groceries in more than 120 cities.
Founder/s: Mark Nuvelstijn, Jelle de Boer and Tim Baardse
Most common skills: Software Development, Data Science, Business Management 
Largest job functions: Engineering, Finance, Marketing
Bitvavo offers an online exchange platform that allows it to buy, sell, and save digital currencies safely. The app enables users to trade in over 180 different digital valuta. The Amsterdam company is registered as a digital currency exchange at the Central Bank of the Netherlands (DNB). The company claims to process €10B worth of transactions every month.
Founder/s: Krik Gunning, Chris van Straeten
Most common skills: Software Development, Business Management, Data Science 
Largest job functions: Finance, Engineering, Information Technology
Fourthline, with a top-level end-to-end KYC solution, helps banks and regulated financial institutions in Europe with digital KYC checks. With offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Fourthline works for clients such as Vivid Money, flatexDEGIRO, N26, Solarisbank, and Wish.
Fourthline verifies millions of new customers every year. Over 200 checks are automatically carried out on, among other things, ID documents, biometric data, and whereabouts of the applicant, as well as on global sanctions lists, says the company. 
With this, the Amsterdam company detects 60 per cent more fraud with an accuracy rate of 99.98 per cent.
Founder/s: Tom Peeters, Michiel Roodenburg, and Eric Klaassen
Most common skills: Digital Literacy, Communication, Business Management  
Largest job functions: Operations, Business Development, Engineering
Crisp is an app-only supermarket for ultra-fresh food. The company’s service delivers groceries seven days a week, and orders placed before 10 PM are delivered the next day. 
The Amsterdam marketplace stocks more than 2000 products from more than 650 farmers, growers, and makers, and runs on proprietary software to enable zero inventory and negative working capital.
Founder/s: Gijs Coppens
Most common skills: Digital Literacy, Data Science, Social Media
Largest job functions: Healthcare Services, Business Development, Marketing 
OpenUp is a medtech platform that enables employees to work on their mental health in an affordable and accessible way. The platform provides tools and tips to help employees deal with daily mental health challenges. 
The Amsterdam-based platform includes courses, health checks, interventions, inspiring interviews, and talking to a psychologist 1-on-1 via video, phone, or chat. In addition, the company offers mental support in more than ten languages, from English to Mandarin and Dutch to French. 
Founder/s: Alexander Sterk
Most common skills: Digital Literacy, Software Development, Data Science 
Largest job functions: Engineering, Sales, Marketing 
Based out of Amsterdam, Vesper is a commodity intelligence platform that solves the challenges faced by commodity traders, buyers, and sellers. As a result, the platform companies improve their trading strategies, make informed pricing decisions, and de-risk potential trades. 
Through its proprietary Vesper Price Index, the platform offers price and stock calculations, real-time futures, and an accurate forecast in the market with over 90 per cent probability using AI and ML.
Founder/s: Max Klijnstra, Milan Daniels
Most common skills: Digital Literacy, Software Development, Digital Marketing 
Largest job functions: Marketing, Engineering, Operations
Otrium is a technology platform where fashion brands can sell their leftover stocks at a discount. Its full-service marketplace allows fashion brands to open an online outlet with minimal effort and all the advantages. 
Through their platform, fashion houses can sell outlet collections and previous collections while retaining control over pricing, merchandising, and visibility of their excess inventory.  The Amsterdam company also arranges the relevant collections’ storage, sale, and shipment. 
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