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Sometimes, you head out on a date and your Mr Right looks nothing like their profile picture or the handful of photos they reluctantly sent. But instead of bailing (the reservation was hard to secure!), you decide to down 12 mimosas and wake up with a headache so severe that you wonder whether a heavy metal band set up shop between your ears. It doesn’t have to be this way.
By now you’ve probably heard of every kind of date under the sun: Ice cream dates, bookstore dates, and even Zoom dates (remember those?). But can you say the same about breakfast dates? Believe it or not, some of the deepest connections are made over a plate of bacon and eggs.
Here are three reasons you should ditch a dinner date in favour of a meetup that’s sunny side up.
Everyone loves a good breakfast
Going to a restaurant for dinner is a big deal. Choosing a venue you both like is easier said than done, and once you’re there, you have to make sense of the menu with confusing courses like rare spotted ribbon-tail ray with port wine sauce. And yes, your date can see you Googling your main course under the table when they look away. But breakfast dates eliminate the need for guesswork because everyone likes at least one meal on the menu. Waffles, eggs, toasted sandwiches – breakfast foods are the best. Finding something you both like on a breakfast menu is a walk in the park, which means you can focus your energy on getting to know the person on the opposite side of the table instead of figuring out what to order.
Breakfast dates have a built-in time limit
Unlike the traditional dinner and drinks date – which can go on indefinitely – you both can leave the table to fulfil other commitments. It’s the perfect excuse to dash if your date does something off-putting like chew with their mouth open or refuse to tip the waiter. On the other hand, if the date goes well, you get to part on a good note and daydream about the interesting conversations you’ll have the next time you see them.
Breakfast dates are less expensive
Unless you’re going to a super-bougie café that serves those fancy artisanal croissants for R100, breakfast dates aren’t likely to empty your wallet. In fact, you could probably get the breakfast of champions for the price of one drink at a restaurant. Case in point: Wimpy’s Bacon Sizzle Breakfast & a FREE Regular Filter Coffee. You’ll get 3 rashers of streaky bacon, 2 eggs, a slice of toast, diced hash cubes, and a FREE Regular Filter Coffee – all for just R49.90. Order yours from a Wimpy near you.
Dinner dates aren’t everything they’re cut out to be. They’re costly, require a lot of prep, and prone to end with uncertainty. So, the next time Cupid sinks an arrow in your chest, consider taking your future bae on a breakfast date.

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