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Editor’s note: With this being the Christmas weekend, we are only publishing positive, uplifting comments from the past year in today’s Forum. Merry Christmas, everyone!
“Great big kudos to the Mack Gaston Center, Whitfield Democratic Committee and the Dalton State College basketball team for feeding 300-plus on Thanksgiving Day. Way to go spreading the love and great meals for those in need.”
“Thanks to the two policemen that helped push a stalled car off of Walnut Avenue at the corner with Tibbs Road on Sunday. They helped one driver and saved a lot of aggravation for other drivers.”
“Downtown Dalton is looking very festive with all of the Christmas decorations. I can’t wait for the annual Christmas parade and other holiday events. Thanks to the city and all of the downtown business owners for putting us all in the holiday spirit!”
“A big thanks to Georgia Power for restoring my power.”
“Thank you for the sports article on the Murray County High School girls volleyball team. They are awesome to watch. A classy group of young ladies that support each other and play their hearts out. They play fair and clean and have a winning team. Go Lady Indians! Murray is proud of you.”
“Be thankful for what you have, it can all disappear in an instant. Instead of thinking of all the things you think you want or that you wish you had, stop and think about what you are lucky enough to already possess. You probably have more than you even realize right now.”
“Food City, thanks for everything you do. Many thanks.”
“This year’s summer concert series was amazing. Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work!”
“Oh my gosh! ‘The river ate my leg’ on Friday. Read it and appreciate what you have! John Weaver, you are one amazing person and thank you for letting us know that with determination one can overcome so many obstacles.”
“A big thanks to Dalton Utilities for coming and cutting some tree limbs that were in the power lines.”
“Thank you Mike Babb for preserving history. Rocky Face Ridge Park was money well spent.”
“I was so proud to see the article on A.J. Walker. My husband and four sons were his biggest customers years ago. But I’ll always remember how kind A.J. was to my four boys. Thank you so much for taking notice of this wonderful, wonderful man.”
“I continue to be comforted, thankful and somewhat amazed at Dalton’s restaurant customers who continue to ‘pay it forward.’ Last week it happened at Oakwood and this week at Mr. Biscuit. May God continue to bless these kind souls who pick up checks for others.”
“The July 1 concert at Burr Park was great. An orchestra played a medley of July 4th music. It included children singing, dancers, adult singing groups and soloists. They honored those who served our country. Flags, pinwheels and lights were handed out to children. They ran them through the crowd. Super fireworks were above the orchestra. Fabulous night! We were very proud to be Americans. Thank you for all the hard work.”
“I just want to thank the paper for the article about the Juneteenth celebration. It was really wonderful and I loved the quotes from Gene Miller. He’s a lovely, lovely man.”

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