Toledo Zoo Welcomes Twin Polar Bear Cubs with a Detroit Tie –

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Can you think of anything more fitting for the season than adorable Polar bear cubs? The Toledo Zoo couldn't agree more, especially since they have added a pair to their growing zoo family.
The zoo, located just a few hours from us, just announced the birth of twin Polar bear cubs. Born to parents Crystal, a 24-year-old female, and proud dad Nuka, who is 18 years old, the cubs mark the first time Polar bears have been born at the zoo since 2012.
According to the post on the Toledo Zoo's Instagram, everyone is thrilled to welcome the new bundles of joy.
"The Polar bear Species Survival Program (SSP) issued a breeding recommendation for Crystal in hopes of mating to sustain this endangered species. We welcomed Nuka to the Toledo Zoo in March of this year to begin that process."
The new cubs have a family connection to the two Polar bear cubs that sisters, Astra and Laerke sharing their father Nuka. Nuka made his way to the Toledo Zoo in March of 2022 to begin the breeding process with Crystal according to Click on Detroit. 
The Toledo Zoo says at this time they are unsure what the genders are of these twin Polar bear cubs, but they are expected to make their public debut in the spring of 2023.
If you just can't wait to get a dose of polar bear cuteness, the zoo has a live feed on its YouTube channel of new mom Crystal and the cubs. You can watch the live feed daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They will have the camera off after 4:00 pm, but viewers will still be able to hear the Polar bears through the microphone. See the link below.


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