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As we move forward in the digital era, one thing is increasingly becoming certain. The future is technology. In this era where everything is occurring digitally, the marketing strategy of almost anything has to mold to the changing scope. Be it personal branding or product promotion, digital marketing is an important tool that you need to master to stand out from the increasing tech vying crowd. So what are the best free online digital marketing courses? Let’s find out.
This course is offered by Google. What better way to learn about digital marketing than from the self-proclaimed home of the internet? The digital course offered by google goes through some of the basic concepts of digital marketing. Moreover, a certification from google can be a good addition to your profile.
The course duration is 40 hours long with 26 modules. The modules are designed in such a way that you can complete them at your own ideal pace. You will get detailed ideas about developing a web presence, how to build an online store, local networking, mobile marketing, planning business strategy, and many more.
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This course is offered by Hubspot Academy. The course is a 4-hour ling module designed to teach digital marketers the intricacies of inbound marketing. This module is geared towards digital marketers with a basic level of understanding of marketing. The module consists of 10 different lessons encompassing 34 videos as well as 9 different quizzes.
You will get a comprehensive idea about blog post creation, promotion in social media, nurturing leads, understanding strategic alignment of marketing and sales, etc. successful completion of the course will land you an industry-grade certification to be added to your resume.
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Many of you have heard of the Massive Online Open Course or MOOC. The business course offered by Alison is one of the first major MOOC platforms founded back in 2007. The diploma in e-business offers a range of marketing-related learning suing the Google Analytics as well as Adwords. It also offers SEO, understanding metrics of revenue generation as well as comprehensiveness and engagement metrics of a website.
The course takes about 6 to 10 hours to complete and you get access to several video tutorials to complement your learning. There is a final assessment at the end of the module which you need to pass with 80 or above. You will receive an evaluation report of your performance, however, the only downside here is that you will have to pay 20 dollars to get the certificate.
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This is another free course that you can avail from skillshare. The course mainly focuses on shortcut ways to learn the basics of digital marketing. The course is designed to give you tips and tricks on how to manage marketing platforms, generate leads as well as use social media platforms for marketing.
This free online digital marketing course also focuses on keyword research and SEO. The course module is free to access on the platform which offers you two months of free access. However, you do not get any certification for this course.
The online marketing manager course is geared towards the intermediary level. People who already have some experience in digital marketing or know the basics can benefit the most from the course. The course is a 24-hour long module offered by LinkedIn learning. You can avail of the course for free through the trial.
This course focuses on the best practice regarding digital marketing as well as advertisement details that should come in handy while developing advertisement plans. There are a total of 11 modules that will integrate google software as well as social media platforms to give a better hands-on learning experience. upon completion of the course, you will receive an industry-grade certification from LinkedIn.
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This is a course offered by Coursera, one of the leading platforms for digital learning. The course is offered in collaboration with the University of Illinois. The total length of the course is 15 hours. The course is part of a seven-part series of digital marketing courses offered by the same university.
You will be learning in detail about the optimization process of digital assets, and different types of marketing procedures. The gripe with this course is that you can complete it for free in the audit mode. But you will need to sign up for the paid version if you want a professional-grade certification. We included this course in this list because it is one of the only free courses available on digital marketing that is accredited. 
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For the people living in Bangladesh, the learning and earning development project of the ICT division is a great scope to learn digital marketing for free. It is part of an initiative of the government to empower the youth through digital skills and making way for earning online. The digital marketing course is a 150 hour long extensive training with a placement guarantee upon completion of the course.
The course focuses on several key marketing tools and how to implement them. it also focuses on the KPI measurement as well as tracking progress. The 19-day long project is complete with core building, hands-on training as well as a final assessment. You will get a certification from the ICT division upon successful completion of the course.
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This is a course offered by Udemy. The digital marketing basic course is a 21 lesson long course offered natively through the in-house instructors of Udemy. There are over 24 video tutorials as well as study materials included with the modules. However, like the Coursera platform, the course is free if you learn through an audit. You will also miss out on key features like access to communication with the instructors as well as professional certification. Those are available on the paid variant of the course. However, it is still a great choice to understand the basics of digital marketing.
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The financial investment publication giant Forbes has dived into its platform to create a digital marketing course. The course features extensive modules on strategies involved in digital marketing. The main scope of this course is to teach you to differentiate between what works in digital marketing and what doesn’t.  It will also help you to better generate ideas about the SWOT of each strategy and how to analyze them. you can avail of the course for free but the certification would require you to sign up for the platform.
This is another comprehensive course offered by Quicksprout University. The course was developed by Neil Patel, a prominent and well-known digital marketer. The course has a total of 13 different guidelines that focuses to develop your understanding of the digital marketing processes and trends and how to excel at formulating strategies. There is no fixed time limit to complete the course and you can do it on your own preference. However, you will not be receiving any course certificate upon completion.
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Our everyday life and activity are increasingly becoming dependent on technology. The interconnected nature and ease of communication make use of tech and digital platforms reliable and secure. In the current world, Digital Marketing has become an essential part for anyone wanting to develop a career in ICT. Beyond the general scopes of becoming a developer, digital marketing can provide a good earning opportunity for anyone willing to put on the effort. Though the free courses on digital marketing aren’t as comprehensive as the paid ones, they can still provide you a basic understanding of the strategies and how to implement them.
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