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Calling all women seeking a ‘career do-over’, or keen to return to work after a career break! Applications are now open for a pioneering new digital marketing program designed to help women and carers gain career know-how, confidence and connections as they re-enter the workforce.
Applications are now open for a pioneering new digital marketing program designed to help women and carers gain career know-how, confidence and connections as they re-enter the workforce.
Calling all women seeking a ‘career do-over’, or keen to return to work after a career break!
UTS Futures Academy and the National Careers Institute are providing support for 25 women to participate in a new digital marketing program specifically designed to help women looking to return to work after taking time off for caring responsibilities.
Applications are now open for the UTS Women’s Career Confidence: Re-employment Pathways Programa seven-month program aimed at helping women re-entering the workforce in with the latest digital marketing skills.
The program connects participants with award-winning digital marketing agencies, seasoned industry experts and career and developmental coaches, as well as leading academics from the UTS Business School’s marketing discipline.

“We know there are fantastic opportunities for women in this space and a critical shortage of skilled marketers, with one in ten digital marketing roles going unfilled,” says UTS futures academy director Natalia Nikolova (lead image).
“This program aims to provide women with the career know-how, confidence and connections to break (back) into the industry.”
Not only is the Australian digital marketing industry currently facing a 10 per cent job vacancy rate, data shows there is also significant gender disparity across the industry, with almost 75 per cent of management and 90 per cent of technical digital marketing roles held by males, according to the IAB Australia Digital Advertising Talent Review 2021.
“Reskilling to help women go back to work while addressing talent shortages and gender diversity gaps in today’s rapidly-transforming digital economy is a win-win for our community as well as industry,” says UTS Business School marketing academic Dr Geetanjali Saluja. “This is a pioneering initiative to help women return to the workforce.”
The program has also partnered with leading industry agencies including Right Management, IAB Australia, Indago Digital, In Marketing We Trust and Nibble Digital.
“Digital marketing professionals are one of the most in demand talent categories. It is a field that has a range of opportunities for people who are strategic, creative, organised and analytical,” says Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia.
“As this industry changes so rapidly, IAB Australia is pleased to support a program that gives top notch training to women who may have had a career break for various reasons as well as providing the industry with fabulous new talent with up-to-date skills.”
Applications are now open for sponsored places in the program, which commences in early August, and includes a range of workshops held from September through to February 2023.
The program is open to women located anywhere in NSW, who have taken time off from paid employment for caring activities. To help support participants, the program also provides a subsidised care allowance for the duration of any on-campus workshops held at UTS.
Applications close 29 July 2022. For more details about the program, eligibility and to apply, visit womenscareerconfidence.com.au
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