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Few airlines, with the exception of those in the U.S. and India, perhaps, have the opportunity to capitalize on a destination’s prowess for its film making.
Hollywood, for example, is an obvious draw for visitors for its history in the production of movies – yet most carriers to Los Angeles do not use this at the heart of their marketing activities, digital or elsewhere in consumer media channels.
Air New Zealand, however, has full embraced the opportunity.
The airline has worked with national tourism groups, movie producers and actors to put New Zealand’s recent role as a hub for film making at the center of its marketing.
Obvious contenders, such as the trilogies for The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, both created by New Zealanders and filmed in the country, have been used in in-flight safety videos, aircraft liveries and other branding elements.
Jodi Williams, general manager for global brand and content marketing at Air New Zealand, spoke to PhocusWire during the World Aviation Festival in London about these important parts of its digital marketing strategy, and more.


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