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Over 30,000 charity and not-for-profit professionals are registered on our content and events platform.
These include dot project, Catalyst, and Media Trust. Focussing on heritage projects, we also partner with Heritage Alliance and Naomi Korn.
Tech and digital are the backbone of digital strategy for many not-for-profits. It’s crucial for organisations working in the sector to advance their tech and digital skills to successfully face funding, delivery, and impact challenges, and be more resilient while reaching a wider audience. Our organisation addresses this need. 
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Our success is demonstrated by the funders who have worked with us across multiple programmes and years. 
We provide all of our content and webinars free of charge to not-for-profits, predominantly using a sponsorship model. But we also engage in some grant-funded activity in order to achieve deeper and more focused impact. Here are some examples: 
In 2000, Charity Digital helped to found Heritage Digital, a consortium funded by the Heritage Fund. This was aimed at supporting the heritage sector to harness the power of digital. 
The first project of Heritage Digital delivered training and content to 1,190 unique organisations across four workstreams: digital marketing strategy, digital communications, digital rights, and digital technology. 
Charity Digital was responsible for the marketing and recruitment of participants to the entire programme and delivering the digital technology workstream. This focused on the range of tools and technologies that heritage organisations can use to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. 
Respondents to our evaluation surveys indicated that the content delivered by Heritage Digital was of a high quality and had impact: 
“Very professional and smooth training course.  Very interactive and interesting with an excellent trainer.” 
“Very friendly hosts, helpful, used the chat function as well as responding by talking too.” 
“Just to say thank you again for another excellent presentation & workshop.” 
“We’ve…become a lot more active online, especially Facebook, and have been posting every day. The number of people following us has grown from 1100 to over 13000.” 
“[I] used all of tips for both writing and video content creation. Really helpful, showed how you can write with a bit of character and keep it short to be engaging.” 
“Improved confidence through greater understanding of rights, leading to increased and improved digital output.”  
This project was followed by two subsequent projects – the Heritage Digital Academy and the digital content theme within the Digital Heritage Hub.  
The Heritage Digital Academy has delivered real-time interactive training to more than 500 heritage organisations that have attended a varying number of workshops, webinars, interactive standalone modules and a cycle of courses over an 18-month period, covering two main themes, “Making a Plan for Digital” and “Designing and Delivering Digital Services”. 
The Digital Heritage Hub was designed to answer the heritage sector’s top 100 questions on digital. The new digital content theme focused on answering the top 25 questions on finding, sharing, and creating digital content. It covers everything from creating great social media content to digitising your collection, and provides toolkits, how-to guides, videos, podcasts, and more.  
The associated resources of these projects are still online and available to access, and we’re planning to add to these in the future.  
In partnership with the Sage Foundation, Charity Digital supported the creation of the Organisational Financial Literacy programme aimed at supporting small- and medium-sized not-for-profits in developing their financial knowledge and skills with the aim of increasing sustainability.  
Our three-year collaboration started with research. We wanted to understand the level of financial skills within the sector and find out what type of interventions would help the most.  
We then developed educational content including articles: a mixture of informational pieces and “how to” guides, which have received over 8,500 reads. The content also included instructional videos, which have had over 5,000 views.  
The programme finished with a series of interactive online workshops. Over nine months, we delivered three cycles of three workshops. These were very in-demand and were delivered to 195 not-for-profit professionals.  
Feedback from the sessions: 
“Excellent presentation with clear, informative slides. Great clarity and humour too!” 
“David does not use difficult language he is easy to understand and very approachable. I enjoyed the training the 2.5 hours goes in a flash !!” 
“I found the course really engaging as there wasn’t an overload of jargon which makes things easier to comprehend. The presenter was engaging and not just reading off slides.”  
“I really thought the course was so well delivered. Thank you!” 
“Really clear and informative, simple to understand and good use of examples. good to have breakout sessions and talk to others too” 
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