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TikTok now has its own currency — and it’s not bitcoin or dogecoin.
An adorable cat’s paw sparked a hilarious meme, causing people to revive doubloons, an old Spanish currency. Doubloons were gold coins minted in Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries. The coins were traded in modern-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela, which were Spanish territories at the time.
However, on TikTok, doubloons are an imaginary currency (despite a user naming a real cryptocurrency after it). The slang spelling is “dabloon,” and the accompanying hashtag currently has over 908.5 million views.

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The catalyst for dabloons on TikTok is an April 2021 meme posted on the Instagram page @catz.jpeg. The image featured a small white kitten paw with the phrase “4 dabloons.”
The currency must be bestowed upon you by users giving away dabloons in videos or in comments. Searching for dabloons is considered cheating; you’re supposed to rely on the algorithm and your FYP.
The most common way to get them is through the “welcome traveler” meme. In these videos, like @doubloonie’s, a random amount of dabloons is bestowed upon whoever watches.
“Spent all night finding out what Dabloons are,” @rach_in_recovery said. But after earning 6,000 dabloons, she didn’t want to be in “high class Dabloon society,” so she gave her followers 300 dabloons as a treat.
Meanwhile, @a.is.for.alex lamented the collapse of the dabloon economy after a mere 24 hours.
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