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The Jeffree Star-NBA player controversy has been a very interesting topic that’s been trending over the last couple of months. Back in July 2021, Star revealed that he was involved with several NBA players, making fans curious about their identities.
This topic is controversial since it involves two men having a relationship. Unfortunately, several NBA players have expressed their homophobic nature, which is why the makeup artist has refused to reveal the names of the players.
This article will reveal everything you need to know about the Jeffree Star-NBA player controversy. We will also take a look at Star’s dating history and reveal the basketball player he was in a relationship with a few years ago.
Back in July 2021, Jeffree Star appeared on the “BFFs Podcast” with Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy and Brianna Chickenfry. The American YouTuber revealed some interesting things about himself on the podcast, including his relationships.
While this happened more than a year ago, many NBA fans are still curious and have wondered who are the players Star was involved with. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that we will ever get an answer for this.
Here’s what the popular makeup artist said on the podcast:
Jeffree added:
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NBA players are no strongers to controversies, but many of them still wouldn’t want to be affiliated with Star.
Star, 37, has been involved with many celebrities. However, he mostly keeps their identities a secret as that’s the best thing for everyone. The founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics has had a relationship with a basketball player. This was one of his rare relationships that he did not have to hide from the public.
We may never find out the names of the NBA players who have been involved with Jeffree Star. But we know that the makeup artist had a relationship with Andre Marhold.
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Born in Florida, Marhold played for Duquesne University for a few years. In his final season with the team, the 6-foot-6 forward averaged 5.3 points and 5.4 rebounds.
The forward also played for SKN St. Pölten Basketball in Austria, averaging a career-high 13.3 points and 8.6 rebounds. He last played for the JobStairs Giessen 46ers in the Basketball Bundesliga in Germany.
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