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SOUTH African Social Security Agency (Sassa), last week, announced the progress being made in the reapplication for temporary disability and care dependents in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).
Sandy Godlwana, a senior manager of communication and marketing for the agency, said the Regional Executive Manager (REM) of Sassa KwaZulu Natal, Themba Matlou, was pleased that clients were visiting SASSA offices to reapply for the temporary grants.
“As of the 15 January 2021, the region has assessed 4007 Temporary Disability Grants and 1829 Care Dependency Grant cases. The local offices are currently finalising the application process. Other responding clients have been booked to see the Sassa contracted doctors for assessment purposes,” explained Godlwana.
Due to a need for extra measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Sassa KZN region introduced shift work.  
No more than half of the staff in any office were allowed to work at the same time.
Godlwana said the region is planning to work extended hours and over weekends to ensure that plans ensure the reapplication for all lapsed grants is possible before the end of March.
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“We encourage affected citizens to continue reporting to the nearest Sassa office, with a detailed referral report from their treating doctor, which confirms the impact of the medical condition or disability,” said Mr Matlou.
Disability grants are either temporary, or permanent. 
The permanent grants are not subject to a medical review periodically.
Sassa permanent disability grants are awarded for conditions which impact on the applicant’s ability to work for a period longer than 12 months.
“Where the disability or medical condition is likely to improve with treatment or other interventions, the grant may be awarded for a temporary period of between 6 and 12 months.  After this time, the grant lapses, in accordance with the conditions set in the Social Assistance Act, 2004,” said Godlwana.
She explained that people will who are unable to be employed due to their medical condition or disability will have to re-apply for the grant.
The Pinetown Sassa office address is 43 Kings Road.
For more information contact Jay Naicker on 031 716 2626, or email [email protected].
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Another office closest for people in the Queensburgh area is the Chatsworth Sassa office.
For help with the Chatsworth office contact Alvine Haripersad on either 083 335 5574 or 031 065 0541 or email [email protected]
Godlwana said certain documents would be required and advised to ensure they have them to hand before visiting their nearest Sassa office:.
Payment dates
Heading into the second month of 2021, Godlwana confirmed the dates on which social grant payments would be made. 
The older person’s grants would be paid from Wednesday, 3 February including those linked with child grants.
Disability grants become available from Thursday, 4 February, when child grants linked to the disabled people would also be available.
Godlwana said Child support, foster child and care dependency grants will be paid from Friday, 5  February. Sassa pay point payment dates for Durban are from 8 to 11 February.

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