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Unsuccessful applicants for the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant have the right to dispute their applications being declined.
On Thursday the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) encouraged applicants whose applications were declined to challenge the outcomes. 
“Since this grant is validated monthly, the request for reconsideration must be submitted for each month the application is declined, even if the reason for the decline and the reason for disputing this decision is the same each month,” said Sassa. 
The agency said during the validation process, should an applicant not meet one or more of the qualifying criteria, the application is declined for each month the qualifying criteria are not met. 
“To reconsider the application, the applicant is verified against refreshed databases and against a means test through the banks, to verify if the client has an inflow of funds into the client’s account amounting to more than R595 per month,” said the agency. 
How do I dispute my outcome? 
Sassa said only applicants who receive less than R595 per month will be approved for reconsideration and paid. 
Applicants can apply for reconsideration via the SRD website should the client wish to dispute the outcome.
“The reconsideration decision is final. Should the applicant wish to dispute the reconsidered decision, he or she should follow the legal route and approach the court,” said Sassa. 
Why would my application be declined?
During the verification process, the application may be declined for not meeting one or more of the qualifying criteria, such as alternative income source identified, identity verification failed or Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) registered. 
Those who have been declined due to UIF registration should appeal the decision on the SRD website instead of visiting the department of employment and labour. 
“Once your appeal is lodged, Sassa will verify your employment status with the UIF and the outcome will be communicated,” said the UIF.
“Clients may also contact Sassa on their number. Please do not visit labour centres for assistance in this matter.”
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How can I reinstate my grant application if my circumstances have changed?
Sassa said only those whose circumstances have changed and/or lost their source of income may reinstate their application for the R350 grant.
Steps to reinstate the application are:
When can I collect my payment at a post office this month? 
Beneficiaries can collect their payment at a post office using their ID. 
Each beneficiary is assigned a payment date depending on their ID number, and can collect their grant at a SA Post Office branch as soon as they receive confirmation of payment from Sassa. 
Here’s when you can collect your grant:
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