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By Modupe Gbadeyanka
A new marketing platform, Zoho Marketing Plus, designed to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies of organisations has been introduced by Zoho Corporation.
According to the leading global technology company, this application will bring together marketing activities across campaign ideation, creation, execution, management, and measurement, providing stakeholders across the entire marketing organisation with a single, shared view of critical information for improved collaboration and results.
It will give marketing leaders a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviours so they can deliver dynamic, high-value customer experiences that drive brand affinity and customer happiness.
CMOs require their teams to leverage technology solutions that capture customer insights in ways that add value both to the business and customers. Through automation and business intelligence, the platform synchronises engagement data to help marketing teams better understand customers, make more informed decisions, and ultimately drive better results, growth, and revenue.
The Zoho Marketing Plus is embedded with a vast array of integrated capabilities aimed at helping digital marketers achieve greater results through simplified processes, tighter collaboration, shared assets, and consistent data.
“Consumers and digital marketing continue to evolve at warp-speed, and marketers are struggling to keep up. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to properly manage multiple campaigns, channels, customer profiles, data, and ROI,” the President for MEA at Zoho, Hyther Nizam, stated.
“The complexity of data and personalisation at scale only raises pressure on marketers and CMOs to deliver effective campaigns and revenue. By eliminating redundancies and confusion arising from multiple siloed solutions, Zoho Marketing Plus maximises productivity and teamwork, allowing marketers to stay nimble and collaborative amid evolving customer needs.
“When marketers aren’t bogged down by operations, they can deliver creative campaigns that promote meaningful relationships between the brand and customers,” Nizam added.
It was gathered that the unified platform empowers marketing teams to build continuous and consistent experiences for end customers and deliver more personalised journeys through improved collaboration, streamlining management of marketing projects, unified digital brand asset creation, strong marketing automation capabilities, omnichannel engagement, supported integrations, and accurate and real-time measurement.
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Modupe Gbadeyanka is a fast-rising journalist with Business Post Nigeria. Her passion for journalism is amazing. She is willing to learn more with a view to becoming one of the best pen-pushers in Nigeria. Her role models are the duo of CNN’s Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour.
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By Adedapo Adesanya
The Network for Good Governance in Nigeria has applauded the North-East Development Commission (NEDC) for its extraordinary contributions to the development of the region.
According to a statement signed by its Executive Director, Mr Adam Abu, the NEDC has effectively tackled the menace of poverty, illiteracy, and ecological challenges in the North-Eastern states.
Mr Abu noted that the NEDC has gone beyond resettlement, rehabilitation, integration, and reconstruction of infrastructure for victims to develop the northeast into a safe, economically vibrant, ICT-driven 21st-century region.
Outlining the recent projects of the agency, Mr Abu said the construction of the 54km Ngalda-Mutai Road abandoned due to the activities of Boko Haram, was a welcome development.
He said the road is economically-strategic as it links many agriculturally viable communities of Fika and Gujba local government areas of Yobe State.
In education, Mr Abu said the establishment of a mega school in each senatorial district across the northeast would positively impact the children whose learning was hampered by insurgency.
He also noted that the provision of ICT centres, educational materials and other would further enhance understanding.
Mr Abu added that the NEDC had shown its commitment to healthcare with numerous interventions.
“The Borno State specialist hospital, the federal neuropsychiatric hospital, the 7 division military hospital Maimalari Cantonment and the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH ), and others are addressing the challenges in the health sector,” he said.
“The NEDC has forged partnerships with some international bodies, one of which was with the United Nations Office of Projects Services (UNOPS) to upscale activities at the two oxygen plants in Borno State.
“The agency recently took over from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) the responsibilities of routine food distribution to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in designated camps, host and liberated communities in Borno and Adamawa States.
“The interventions are endless – in housing, road networks, food and non-food items, security, emergencies, markets, and many others,” he stated.
He, therefore, applauded NEDC’s managing director, Mr Mohammed Alkali, for adhering to the mandate of the agency.
Describing Mr Alkali as a patriot with an unblemished record of integrity and accountability, Mr Abu said he had ensured strict and prudent utilization of the agency’s resources to meet the needs of the common people.
He also praised the MD for the synergy between the board and the management, which has made the operation of the NEDC seamless, unlike other agencies where rancour is the order of the day.
Mr Abu, however, called on the Federal Government and foreign bodies to continue to show support for the NEDC.
By Modupe Gbadeyanka
The new move of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sustain its cashless policy in the country has continued to evoke different reactions, and the latest to comment on the matter is the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP).
The group, in a statement made available to Business Post, said those against the new cash withdrawal limits do not want the good of Nigeria.
The apex bank issued a circular this week to commercial banks and other financial institutions that from January 9, 2023, individual customers would only be limited to N100,000 cash from over-the-counter and N500,000 for corporate customers.
Also, cash withdrawals from ATMs and POS terminals would be N20,000 per day and N100,000 per week, while withdrawals above the limits would attract a 5 per cent process fee for individuals and a 10 per cent fee for companies.
In addition to this processing fee, customers would have to fill out different forms and obtain approvals from the management of the bank, with details of how the cash would be spent.
While some have praised the CBN for this, others have kicked against the policy, including the National Assembly, which has asked the Governor of the bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele, to appear to explain details of the new directive.
But CNPP feels this is a good policy, as it emphasised that it would deepen democracy as the nation prepares for the next general elections in February 2023.
In the statement signed by its Secretary General, Mr Willy Ezugwu, the CNPP stated that “Nigerians are suffering today because of bad governance and every sacrifice towards getting the right leadership into offices from 2023 is worth it.
“Bad governance is a product of Nigeria’s flawed electoral processes over the years which threw bad and corrupt leaders on the masses. This became the case as a result of highly monetised electoral processes.
“But, any process that will minimize the domination of the Nigerian political space by moneybags and corrupt politicians is worth whatever sacrifices by the ordinary citizens, who bear the brunts of bad governance the most.”
“Secondly, information available in the public domain shows how several millions, if not billions, of naira notes, got mutilated and became of no use where the country’s thieving leaders stashed the cash, thereby denying the economy, especially the banks, the liquidity for productive enterprise.
“Poor fiscal policies in the country over the years are a result of having the wrong persons in public offices due to electoral process that abhors level playing ground.
“Therefore, the CBN should be commended rather than criticised for the fresh cash withdrawal limits.
“Mr Godwin Emefiele, as the CBN Governor, is unarguably the hero of Nigerian democracy and champion of good governance by virtue of the twin policies of redesigning of the naira notes and the reviewed cash withdrawal limits, with perfect timing of the dates for implementations.
“The CNPP urges the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, and by extension, all security agencies and anti-graft bodies to act swiftly to ensure that no politician or highly placed individual influences banks to circumvent the cash withdrawal policy.
“We also call on all well-meaning Nigerians to support the CBN policy on cash control as part of efforts to secure the future of the country, particularly ahead of the 2023 general elections,” the CNPP stated.
By Kestér Kenn Klomegâh
The African Union (AU), in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Library Of Africa and The African Diaspora (LOATAD), hosted a residency programme under the AU20 project for established writers from across Africa to produce a piece of work that celebrates the unity and potential of the African continent.
This year, the African Union celebrates its 20th anniversary since its establishment at the Durban Summit in July 2002. Dubbed AU20, the celebrations have taken place under the theme Our Africa, Our Future and focus on the AU’s initiatives, successes, impact, challenges and the way forward.
The writers’ residency took the form of a hybrid programme, with two online meetings in October/November and a two-week physical residency at LOATAD in Accra, Ghana, from November 14 – 28.
Catering to the theme, Our Africa, Our Future, five writers from the continent were tasked to interpret the theme in an expansive way across a selected genre, including fiction, narrative non-fiction and poetry. The piece is pegged between 5,000 and 7,000 words (or five poems for poets) on the theme for the e-book. The final work will be published in an e-book anthology to be released in early 2023.
The AU20 project aims to elevate the profile of the AU in the minds of Africans, particularly the creative community, and better connect the AU to African citizens. Powered by Africa No Filter, the writers’ residency is a unique contribution towards bringing the African Union closer to the African people by selecting creative professionals who think outside the box, dare to challenge conventions and offer new and original work through their chosen materials, techniques and subject matters.
LOATAD, together with the AU, the UNDP and Africa No Filter, has now announced the final winners of the AU20 writing project. Here are the five winners and a bit about their professional backgrounds.
i) Nour Kamel from the Arab Republic of Egypt. Nour writes about identity, language, sexuality, queerness, gender, oppression, femininity, trauma, family, lineage, globalization, loss and food. She is the author of the chapbook “Noon” in New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set (Sita).
ii) TJ Benson from the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His writing explores the body in the context of memory, migration, utopia, and the unconscious self and his works have been exhibited, published in several journals, and shortlisted for awards. The author of three novels, his latest, People Live Here, is out now.
iii) Musih Tedji Xaviere from the Republic of Cameroon. She is a writer, activist, and Moth Storyteller. Her debut novel, These Letters End in Tears, won the 2021 Pontas and JJ Bola Emerging Writer’s Prize. It will be published in the US and UK in 2024 by Catapult and Jacaranda Books.
iv) Tony Mochama from the Republic of Kenya. He is a poet, author and senior journalist at The Nation Media Group. He is a three-time winner of the Burt Awards for African Young Adult Literature and is a recipient of the Miles Morland Writing Scholarship. His futuristic novel, 2063 – Last Mil Bet, was published by Oxford University Press.
v) Sue Nyathi from the Republic of South Africa. She is the author of four novels, her latest, An Angel’s Demise, published in October by Pan Macmillan. A Zimbabwean based in South Africa, she was shortlisted for the 2020 Dublin Literary Award and is a JIAS Fellow ’22.
According to reports, LOATAD received an overwhelming number of applications from across the continent, and the selected writers represent the best of African literary talent as well as the literary future.
Started in a one-room office, the library attracted significant national and international attention and quickly outgrew itself. In 2020, it re-branded to LOATAD and moved to a bigger space that includes a special collections/archive room, a screening room and extensive outdoor event space.
As a complete African library, it also has an archive, a museum, a writing residency and a research facility. It is dedicated to the collection and visualization of authors from Africa and the African diaspora from the late 19th century to the present.
The library has over 4,000 volumes of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction dating from the early 20th century to the present day. From Algeria to Kenya and from Liberia to Zimbabwe, the collections represent the rich diversity of the African continent and its vast Diaspora.
LOATAD’s focus is on books by writers of African descent, including African, African American, Caribbean, Black European, Afro-Latin, and Indigenous writers. LOATAD is located in Accra, Ghana.
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